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New GPX track to the Red Via Alpina

In 2022, CIPRA International and Via Alpina Explorers collaborated to redesign the red Via Alpina trail, which serves as the primary route, with the aim of enhancing its appeal and improving connectivity.

It is important to know, that the Via Alpina stays the same, there are just pieces brought together in a new way. Namely

  • Till stage R57 the Red Via Alpina stays as it is till Sücka/Liechtenstein
  • From Sücka/Liechtentein the Green Via Alpina leads till Lenk/Switzerland
  • From Lenk/Switzerland the Via Alpina gets back on the Red Trail till Refuge de Nice ou Victor de Cessole
  • From Refuge de Nice there are 3 stages on the la Grande traverse du Mercantour
  • The final stages are then again on the Red Trail R160 and R161 till Monaco

LINK: https://out.ac/IEdqO4

Via Alpina team is  wishing you an incredible summer filled with adventure! We invite you to spend at least some of your days in exploring stunning trail and uncover hidden treasures of Via Alpina.

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