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Quality : rough
Chiemgauer Alpen

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Stage point (start or end of stage)
Intermediate accommodation possibility
Town, village
Other locality

Bakery / grocery
Hardware / sports shop
Bank / cash dispenser
Open automobile access

A Tarred or paved road
B Dirt track
C Mule trail
D Mountain trail
E Equipped trail (cables, ladders)
F No trail

Stroll / tourism (broad, non-exposed trail)
Hiking (mountain trail, in places narrow and exposed)
Alpine route (equipped or very exposed section, snow field, blocks)
A48 Kampenwand Bergstation » Priener Hütte
  |   3h10   |   14.3 km   |   648 m   |   678 m

The stage from the Kampenwand mountain to the Priener Hut displays fantastic views and lovely meadowland. However a short stretch, the climb to the Weitlahnerkopf, is secured by cables and requires you to be sure of foot. The relatively short stage allows a detour to the Geigelstein, which will be rewarded by the wonderful panorama over the Kaisergebirge mountains.

Point Segment
Name Services Information Marking
Kampenwand Bergstation
1452 m
| C  6.5 km / 1h00
1197 m
| D  3.5 km / 1h15
1595 m
| D  2 km / 0h20
1702 m
| C  2.3 km / 0h35
Priener Hütte
1418 m
Detailed route description
Natural and cultural heritage
Other long-distance trails and alternative routes
Hike to the Breitenstein (1,661m) walking time of 1h; Geigelstein (1,808m) walking time of 1h 30min; Mühlhörndl (1,518m) walking time of 1h; Wandberg (1,598m) walking time of 1h 30min
Useful topographic maps
  • Nr. 10 Chiemsee - Simssee ~ Kompass (1:50.000)
  • Chiemsee u. Umgebung ~ Bayerisches Landesvermessungsamt München (1:50.000)
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  • Berta - 2019-08-06
    Da es Frühstück erst um 8h gab, wir aber eine lange Etappe hatten und früher aufbrechen wollten, gingen wir ohne Frühstück los. Der Abstieg nach Sachrang dauert nicht so lange und da gibt es im Dorfladen super gutes Frühstück
    Automatic translation [Google]
    Since there was breakfast only at 8 o'clock, but we had a long leg and wanted to leave early, we went without breakfast. The descent to Sachrang does not take so long and there is super good breakfast in the village shop
  • Berta - 2019-08-06
    Die Priener Hütte ist SUPER schön , Gutes Essen und sehr saubere Lager, duschen 3€, reservieren wurde nur online akzeptiert.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    The Priener Hütte is SUPER nice, good food and very clean camp, shower 3 €, reservations were only accepted online.
  • cr3149 - 2012-06-11
    Die Zeitangaben für diese Etappe stimmen hinten und vorn nicht. Der Weg ist mit 4,5 - 5 Stunden beschildert. In 3,5 h ist das beim besten Willen nicht zu schaffen. Wir sind mit Kindern 5,5 Std. reine Gehzeit gewandert, hatten aber ein gutes Tempo und waren mit den anderen Wanderern auf diesem Weg annähernd gleich auf.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    The times for this stage are wrong back and front. The road is 4.5 - signposted 5 hours. In 3.5 hours is not to create the best of intentions. We hiked 5.5 hours walk with children, but had a good pace and with the other walkers were nearly equal in this way on.
Last update : 2011-08-17