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Intermediate accommodation possibility
Town, village
Other locality

Bakery / grocery
Hardware / sports shop
Bank / cash dispenser
Open automobile access

A Tarred or paved road
B Dirt track
C Mule trail
D Mountain trail
E Equipped trail (cables, ladders)
F No trail

Stroll / tourism (broad, non-exposed trail)
Hiking (mountain trail, in places narrow and exposed)
Alpine route (equipped or very exposed section, snow field, blocks)
R153 Garessio » Caprauna
  |   5h25   |   18.6 km   |   1395 m   |   961 m

From the village of Garessio the trail cuts across the slopes to the San Bernardo pass. From the pass a trail leads to the foot of Mount Galero, and then on along the ridge that builds the watershed between the Piedmont and Liguria regions. The final stretch leads steeply down through woodland to Caprauna. It’s possible to choose a variant practicable by mountain bike, too, from Ormea to Caprauna, without passing from Garessio.

Point Segment
Name Services Information Marking
588 m
| D  4.8 km / 1h40
Colle San Bernardo
952 m
| D  7.5 km / 2h05
Colle del Prione
1291 m
| D  2.6 km / 0h45
San Bartolomeo
1439 m
| D  3.7 km / 0h55
1056 m
Detailed route description
Other long-distance trails and alternative routes
Sentieri dei Saraceni trail.
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  • 8 ~ IGC ALPI MARITTIME E LIGURI (1: 50000)
Useful guidebooks
  • Alpi Marittime, voll.I-II, L.Montaldo, F.Salesi, E.Montagna ~ Collana Guida Monti d'Italia, CAI-TCI (ISBN )
  • Camminaitalia, Cannobini, Carnovalini, Valsesia ~ Le guide di Airone, Mondadori (ISBN 1995)
  • Lungo le strada del Sale,Dal mar Ligure a Ginevra, Bernardini, Levati ~ SAGEP (ISBN )
  • Auf der Via Alpina durch Seealpen und Ligurische Alpen ~ (ISBN 978-3937304-50-2)

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  • Berta - 2018-08-27
    Das Refugio Pian dell Arma Tel: 337 1083410, ist echt ein guter Platz. Man braucht nicht nach Caprauna absteigen, sondern den Hinweisschildern folgen. Nächsten Tag sind es nur ein paar Schritte und man ist auf der Via Alpina. Vom Refugio herrliche Aussicht bis zum Meer. Gutes Essen , schöne Zimmer mit guten Matratzen und sehr freundlichen und hilfsbereiten Menschen. Der beste Platz ist im Liegestuhl vor der Hütte. Lager mit Halbpension 48€ pro Person.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    The Refugio Pian dell Arma Tel: 337 1083410, is really a good place. You do not need to get off at Caprauna, but follow the signs. The next day is only a few steps and you are on Via Alpina. From the refugio beautiful views to the sea. Good food, nice rooms with good mattresses and very friendly and helpful people. The best place is in the deck chair in front of the hut. Camp with half board 48 € per person.
  • CAI Garessio - 2017-05-24
    Hello... the part of Via Alpina Elizabeth is talking about in the message below, has been modified , since in the meantime, a new "Rifugio" openend in Caprauna... Therefore, it is no longer necessary from Colle San Bartolomeo descending on Caprauana town , (via Fontane) but directly connecting to Pian dell'Arma ...
    Here are the details :!44.1588!8.0672

    This change is due to the fact that in Caprauna town there are no loger hotels ; the Rifugio Pian dell'Arma is always open between may and october.... check for opening time
  • Elisabeth - 2016-11-22
    Au col San Bartolomeo, aucune indication pour Caprauna ! Il faut suivre la direction de Fontana jusqu'à une flèche indiquant la bifurcation pour Caprauna. Sauf que... le départ est complètement obstrué par la végétation. De vieilles marques au sol permettent d'avancer dans cette direction mais il faut vraiment faire attention, car les traces animales dans tous les sens brouillent le repérage !
    Automatic translation [Google]
    At San Bartolomeo Pass, no indication for Caprauna! Follow the Fontana direction until you see an arrow pointing to the Caprauna bifurcation. Except that ... the departure is completely obstructed by the vegetation. Old marks on the ground can move in this direction but you really have to be careful because the animal tracks in all directions blur the tracking!
  • PORTAROSE, Garessio - 2014-08-21
    The path from Colle San Bernardo to Garessio has been cleared and it is now fully functional...
    @ the link above a map of connection to and from Garessio.

    The best path is the A26, however also the A36 path is available, it is slightly more direct but with a ground a bit disconnected ...
  • PORTAROSE, Garessio - 2014-06-18
    Due to extreme weather condition in april 2014 some trees are obstructin part of the Via Alpina descending towards Garessio after Colle San Bernardo. However we have already contacted local authorities and local alpine club in order to remove and clear as soon as possibile the trees from the path...

    For any problem or help in planning your trip throughout this part of Via Alpina, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Alps you can contact us ...

    PORTAROSE is a Bed & Breakfast for travelers, tourists and walkers crossing the Ligurian Alps.
  • Renzo Dirienzi - 2014-05-31
    Il 25/05/2014 effettuato il tratto Garessio-Colle di San Bernardo durante una traversata escursionistica da Garessio a Ceriale. Dopo Garessio, da quota m 750 ca. alla Cascina dell'Arciprete il percorso è ostruito da molti alberi caduti, anche grossi. Raggiunta e superata la suddetta cascina, la Via Alpina prosegue per un centinaio di metri sulla strada provinciale. Il successivo sentiero da imboccare per il Colle di San Bernardo non è più visibile per un taglio di bosco in corso.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    On 05.25.2014 made the stretch Garessio-Colle San Bernardo during a voyage from hiking Garessio Ceriale. After Garessio, from an altitude of approximately 750 m Cascina dell'Arciprete the path is blocked by many fallen trees, too big. When exceeded the said farm, the Via Alpina continues for a hundred yards on the road. The next path to take to the Colle di San Bernardo is no longer visible for a cut of the forest in progress.
  • Jean-Louis GIRAUD - 2013-05-20
    Aux difficultés du balisage et du choix de l'itineraire s'est ajouté la "nebbia ", brouillard épais et humide qui recouvrait les pentes du Mont GALERO. Aprés l'avoir contourné, traversé puis etre arrivé au sommet, j'ai finalement renoncé par prudence pour redescendre dans un fond de vallée dans le petit village de NASINO ou j'ai dormi chez un habitant. Dure journée !
    J'ai l'adresse du refuge PIAN DELL'ARMA au dessus de CAPRAUNA ou je devais passer la nuit .
    Tel 00 39 337 10 83 410
    Automatic translation [Google]
    The difficulties of tagging and the choice of route has added the "nebbia" thick, damp mist that covered the slopes of Mount galero. After having bypassed crossed then be got to the top, I finally gave prudent to descend into a valley floor in the small village of NASINO or slept in a private house. Hard day! I have the address of the refuge PIAN DELL'ARMA above Caprauna or I had to spend the night. Tel 00 39 337 10 83 410
  • rifugio pian dell'arma - 2012-09-23
    rifugio di Caprauna situato vicino alla via alpina, come fare per essere inseriti nella vostra guida?
    Automatic translation [Google]
    Caprauna retreat located near the alpine route, how to be included in your guide?
  • Henk Nouws - 2012-09-03
    All hotels in Garessio are closed down! There are private rooms. I stayed in mediaevel Porta Rose. Contact Carmen: 0039 333 342 73 97
  • Martin Schreiber - 2011-04-23
    Just a few hints for the hiking path:

    After leaving Colle San Bernardo following the road, at some point the hiking path is forking to the left and right. When following the VA to the right descend path, the Via Alpina branches off to a small path to the left after only one minute!!!

    Later on, you continue your hiking trip on another road. When reaching a sharp turn (~ 180 degree), don't follow the small hiking path going on straight ahead with red markers. The VA continues on the road where you find the white-red markers after a few minutes.

    There's only a single room available in Caprauna at the bar! I had no luck since this was already occupied and thus continued my hiking trip to colle di nava which offers plenty of accommodations. However, there's a small supermarket in Caprauna. But by far not all services as depicted on this website/guidebook.
Last update : 2019-12-18