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Rhône-Alpes / PACA
Savoie / Hautes-Alpes
Modane / Névache
Vallée Etroite

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Town, village
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Bakery / grocery
Hardware / sports shop
Bank / cash dispenser
Open automobile access

A Tarred or paved road
B Dirt track
C Mule trail
D Mountain trail
E Equipped trail (cables, ladders)
F No trail

Stroll / tourism (broad, non-exposed trail)
Hiking (mountain trail, in places narrow and exposed)
Alpine route (equipped or very exposed section, snow field, blocks)
R125 Modane » Granges de la Vallée Etroite
  |   6h30   |   19 km   |   1275 m   |   616 m

Taking the GR® 5 trail from Modane and then the GR® 57, the trail leaves the forest to open out onto the Mount Thabor massif. After the Vallée Etroite pass, the trail heads back down towards the “Granges de la Vallée Etroite”, a French enclave on Italian territory.

Point Segment
Name Services Information Marking
1131 m
| D  4.6 km / 1h40
Le Charmaix
1558 m
| D  7.9 km / 2h50
Col de la Vallée Etroite
2456 m
| D  1.6 km / 0h30
Plaine de Tavernette
2212 m
| D  2.6 km / 0h50
Pont de la Fonderie
1910 m
| D  2.3 km / 0h40
Granges de la Vallée Etroite
1776 m
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  • Houdayer Alain - 2022-09-07
    Bivouac magnifique au bord du lac de Peyron aprés le col de la vallée etroite.
  • Socrate Georgiades - 2019-09-06
    Juste après le passage du col de Vallée Etroite (à 15mn du refuge du mont Thabor), on quitte la Savoie pour entrer dans les Hautes Alpes, on pénètre dans une des plus belles vallées de la Via Alpina qui propose de magnifiques spots pour bivouaquer à près de 2500m!
    Automatic translation [Google]
    Just after the passage of the valley pass Etroite (15 minutes from the refuge of Mount Thabor), we leave the Savoy to enter the Hautes Alpes, we enter one of the most beautiful valleys of the Via Alpina which offers beautiful spots to bivouac in almost 2500m!
  • Berta - 2018-08-02
    Refuge Tres Alpini ist gut organisiert und hat gutes Essen Lager mit Halbpension f 43€ pP
    Automatic translation [Google]
    Refuge Tres Alpini is well organized and has good food camp with half board f 43 € pp
  • Daniel - 2017-09-06
    Refuge de Thabor (2500 m) is one of the higher huts around. A popular place because it is on the Tour du Mont Thabor, so make a reservation. 0479 203213. There will be a major renovation of the hut in the coming years, because the guests demand showers! :p
  • JLC - 2016-10-02
    27/9/2016. Nuit au refuge du Thabor; confortable, non gardé en cette saison.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    09/27/2016. Night at the shelter of Thabor; comfortable, unguarded in this season.
  • Alpinisten - 2015-08-16
    Tre Alpini hat wahrscheinlich neue Besitzer: sehr gut organisiert, tolles Essen, sauber- also keinerlei Bedenken- lebendiges, sehr freundliches, italienisches Hüttenteam-
    Automatic translation [Google]
    Tre Alpini probably has new owners: very well organized, great food, so clean- no Bedenken- lively, very friendly, Italian Hüttenteam-
  • Tof - 2015-03-21
    Trieste-Monaco le 27/9/15

    Longue montée jusqu'au refuge du Mont Thabor. Départ de Modane, traversée de Valfréjus. Attention rien vu d'ouvert en station pour le ravitaillement.
    Début des couleurs d'automne, la piste est également fréquentée par les véhicules qui vont se garer vers le lieu dit "le lavoir".

    Faux-plat montant jusqu'au refuge du Mont Thabor. Refuge d'hiver ouvert (non gardé),du bois, du gaz, des couvertures, encore de l'eau (non coupée) et du monde. En week-end ne pas arriver top tard.
    Merci pour ce refuge! Chouette ambiance de montagne, un tronc permet de mettre sa participation pour que cela continue.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    Trieste-Monaco on 09/27/15 Long climb to the refuge of Mount Tabor. Departure from Modane Valfrejus crossing. Warning seen anything open station for refueling. Early autumn colors, the track is also frequented by vehicles going to the park a place called "the wash". False flat amount to the refuge of Mount Tabor. Winter Refuge opened (unattended), wood, gas, blankets, still water (uncut) and the world. Weekend did not get top later. Thank you for refuge! Nice atmosphere mountain, a trunk allows to its participation for this to continue.
  • Thierry M - 2013-12-17
    Monaco - Trieste

    on the way it is possible to take on Mont Thabor. Col de la vallee etroite is really near refuge Mont Thabor also for accomodation

    2h30 up from Granges de la vallee etroite to Col de la vallee etroite on a freezing snowy day in June 2013

    From Col de la vallee etroite to ugly Modane 4hours with bad weather condition.
    Passing by Val frejus ski resort on the way down (dead town in June 2013)
  • Martin Schreiber - 2011-04-06
    I was in Refugio "Tre Alpini" for only half an hour. The hut employees or whoever cared about us were really unfriendly. Also the food wasn't impressive.
    Either go on with the next day trip or stay at the other hut. Maybe this one is more convenient.
  • Martin Schreiber - 2011-04-04
    Almost every possible accomodation was fully booked as I arrived in Le Charmaix. Also "Gite Les Tavernes". There is a tourist information in the center where you can ask for an accommodation.
    I was lucky and got a small appartement with a kitchen for 30 EUR in the center of the village. Contact information below. There's also a supermarket where you can buy some ingredients for cooking. Bon appetit! :-)

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