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France / Italy
Valle d'Aosta, Rhône-Alpes
Valgrisenche, Ste-Foy-Tarentaise
Parc National de la Vanoise
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Bakery / grocery
Hardware / sports shop
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A Tarred or paved road
B Dirt track
C Mule trail
D Mountain trail
E Equipped trail (cables, ladders)
F No trail

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Hiking (mountain trail, in places narrow and exposed)
Alpine route (equipped or very exposed section, snow field, blocks)
R119 Valgrisenche » Refuge de l'Archeboc
  |   7h45   |   17.6 km   |   1601 m   |   1239 m

The trail goes through conifer woods, pastures, rocky areas and the San Grato lake, from where there are views of la Grande Rousse, la Becca du Lac and la Tête du Rutor. It then heads up towards the Col du Mont pass, an old route connecting Aosta Valley and the Tarentaise. Via Alpina crosses the French border here and heads back downhill towards the stage destination: the Archeboc hut.

Point Segment
Name Services Information Marking
1648 m
| D  3.9 km / 1h50
Arp Vieille
2223 m
| D  6.6 km / 2h50
Lago di San Grato
2459 m
| D  4.4 km / 2h00
Col du Mont
2633 m
| D  2.7 km / 1h05
Refuge de l'Archeboc
2027 m
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Natural and cultural heritage
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Haute route des Glaciers and Alta Via 2 trails.
Useful topographic maps
Useful guidebooks
  • Guida n° 4-Le Valli de Gran Paradiso e la Valgrisenche ~ Le guide dell'escursionista (ISBN )
  • I laghi della Valle d'Aosta, Sergio Piotti. ~ Ferrari editrice (ISBN )
  • La Vanoise - Parc National de la Vanoise - Réf. 530 ~ Fédération Française de Randonnée (ISBN 2-85699-875-5)

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  • Socrate Georgiades - 2019-09-06
    Exténuante étape dans le brouillard et une pluie glacée pénétrante en plein mois de juillet. Il semble qu'on peut éviter le long détour par le lac de san Grato en suivant la route en fond de vallée puis attaper sur la gauche le sentier qui mène directement au col du mont.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    Exhausting stage in the fog and a penetrating icy rain in the middle of July. It seems that you can avoid the long detour to the lake of San Grato by following the road at the end of the valley and then to the left on the path that leads directly to the mountain pass.
  • Berta - 2018-07-28
    Refuge de l'Archeboc ist sehr angenehm, sehr freundliche Leute und sehr gutes Abendessen. Reservieren ist empfehlenswert (Tel: 0479068719). Lager + Halbpension 41€
    Automatic translation [Google]
    Refuge de l'Archeboc is very pleasant, very friendly people and very good dinner. Reservations are recommended (Tel: 0479068719). Camp + half board 41 €
  • frankie9594 - 2018-02-21
    Monaco- Trieste

    Col Du Mont had snow on the Italian side. Spent 1 hour looking from the trail down to Italy as well due to fog. At Col du Mont, if you follow a trail that goes north, you will find an abandoned refuge, with the roof still intact. It would make a good place to sleep, if you do now wish to spend the night at "Refuge de l'Archeboc."In late June, there was icy snow going down Col du Mont. Crampons and walking sticks were a must. Going down the Italian side, there is also an abandoned house; possible to sleep there as well. "Le Vieux Quartier" is a fantastic place to sleep for half pension in Valgrisenche.

    Difficult to find accurate maps of the Italian side as well.
  • Daniel - 2015-09-16
    Do not skip out on the lake, because it is beautiful! Greenish water and the mountains rising up high from the borders of the lake.
  • Percy - 2014-10-23
    Travelling north to south, we decided to combine this stage with the next one.

    After leaving the excellent Maison de Myrtilles we followed the road past Valorisenche along the valley until we saw the sign post for the Col du Mont, which helpfully reduced the days travel. Later on we had a choice to follow the wide principle trail or take the shorter route up the river valley, where the trail gets lost among the rocks of the river until it resumes at a large cairn. We choose the wider trail, although in retrospect the alternative was passible.

    Note that in October there was nothing, not even water at the refuge de l'Archeboc. Around 500m further on the trail we reached a few buildings, and a local lady kindly showed us to the melt water supply about 50m to the left.

  • Thierry M - 2013-12-23
    Monaco - Trieste

    Too much snow in June 2013 on the way down from Col du mont. Possible to bypass lago di san grato

    refuge de l'archeboc - col du mont is marked 1h40 on site.2h30 for me with snow almost all the way up.
    The way down from Col du mont to Valgrisenche is not steep , take a left with the water stream in sight

    The sheeperd house of Vallon St grat down from Col du mont can be reached in an hour (snow), 2h30 to reach Valgrisenche bypassing lago di san grato

    refuge Archeboc : Behavior have changed since Henk experience in 2010. French Alpine hospitality, not good, not bad. You need something (accomodation or food): you pay for it et basta. Great location tho
  • Dom Lalot - 2013-09-01
    J'ai passé une super soirée avec Luc le propriétaire à parler Alpinisme et Chamonix. C'est un mec sympa et je reviendrai sans hésiter. Il ne faut pas être négatif sur ce refuge. Il se peut que la fatigue aidant certains aient eu une mauvaise expérience mais je continue à recommander le refuge.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    I spent a great evening with Luc owner talking Mountaineering and Chamonix. It is a nice guy and I will definitely try. Do not be negative on this refuge. Perhaps tiredness helping some have had a bad experience but I still recommend the refuge.
  • Famba - 2013-07-17
    Hüttenwirt von Archeboc war sehr nett. Quartier war Anfang September 2012 kein Problem, auch ohne Anmeldung. Essen war sehr lecker.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    Host of the refuge of Archeboc was very nice. Quarter was no problem even without registration beginning September 2012. Food was very tasty.
  • Martin Schreiber - 2011-03-30
    I had a totally different experience. I already booked a mattress in the dormitory in advance (due to the first comment on this website).
    As I arrived at the hut, the hut warden and his wife were really kind. Since I was hiking a little bit to fast (I arrived shortly past 12pm), I asked for canceling the reservation and they told me, that this is no problem. They also recommended an accommodation in a few hours distance on the next day via alpina path. They also made the reservation for me via a phone call.
  • Brandon - 2010-11-14
    I agree with henk. The warden at l'Archeboc refuge is one nasty fellow. (We even took our shoes off). Although the place was empty, we had no reservations and he flew into a rage, saying he was 'sick and tired of Via Alpina hikers just showing up.' As he deliberated over lunch whether or not to "let" us stay, we thanked him for his hospitality and continued down the mountain to stay in St. Foy at a small hotel. However, we were told that there is another refuge slightly off the trail just down the hill from l'Archeboc hut. Perhaps this is a better choice. It's too bad that this fellow at l'Archeboc refuge is not more supportive of the VA. Tant pis. (I go into detail about this and other red route stages in Over the Top & Back Again: Hiking X the Alps, my new book.) We made the Red Route crossing from Trieste to Monaco in summer 2009. Hope this helps.
  • henk - 2010-09-30
    Cette été, on a passé nos vacances à Bourg saint Maurice.
    un jour, on avait réservé une nuitée au refuge de l'archeboc, que j'ai appelé deux fois pour savoir ce qu'on devait emmener et prévoir, se serait notre premier aventure dans un gîte.
    on pars d'en bas, du site d'escalade et on motive notre fille de 4 ans de faire les 600 m de dénivelé toute seule en lui motivant en cueillant des baies, de regarder des marmottes, du fait qu'elle allait dormir dans un refuge en haut de la montagne, etc,...
    après 3 h de marche on arrives au refuge. on rentre dans la salle et on dis bonjour, sans plus.
    on retourne dehors et on se met derrière pour profiter du coucher du soleil.
    des autres gens invitent notre fille à visiter les chambres. je la suis et on redescends par les escaliers pour arriver dans la grande salle.
    en arrivant là, le gérant nous demande si on viens de descendre avec nos chaussures. je dis oui et je vois que ça ne plait pas. je prends la remarque "ça commence bien", je me mets dans le couloir et j'enlève mes chaussures, vraiment gêné....
    ma femme rentres par la porte principale, je lui dit d'enlever les chaussures et on se mets à une table. ma femme va demander si on peut savoir ou est notre chambre et le gérant continues sur son élan. "déjà votre mari il est monté avec ses chaussures,prenez garde". quand elle demandait si on pouvait monter à notre chambre tout seul, il répondait "sûrement pas, vous ne montez pas tout seul".
    on était choqué! on s'est remis à une table et après un quart d'heure on à attaqué notre descente vers notre voiture...vraiment dégoûte, en essayant d'expliquer le pourquoi à notre fille.
    arrivé en bas, on reçoit le sms suivant (j'avais donné mon portable pour réserver): "vous nous devez 30 eur. cela devrait vous tenir éloigné mr malappris. grossier merde!"
    encore plus choqué de cette accueil, je réponds qu'il peut venir les chercher à midi à BSM et que je lui mettrai en place, et il réponds "oubliez moi! dormez en paix et apprenez à bien vous conduire"
    j'ai répondu en lui disant qu'il entendra encore de moi....
    je trouve que c'est grave d'avoir un accueil comme celui là, surtout que nulle part il y a marqué que le gite est interdit avec des chaussures...

    Automatic translation [Google]
    This summer we spent our holiday in Bourg Saint Maurice. one day, we booked a night at the Refuge de l'Archeboc, I called twice to know what we had to take and plan, would our first adventure in a cottage. we start from below, from the climbing site, and it motivates our 4 year old daughter to the 600 m elevation alone motivating him picking berries, watch marmots, because she was going to sleep in a top of the mountain refuge, etc ... after 3 hours of walking we arrived at the shelter. we go into the room and say hello, no more. is turned off and gets behind to enjoy the sunset. other people invite our daughter to visit the rooms. I am and back down the stairs to get into the great hall. arriving there, the manager asked us if we just go down with our shoes. I say yes and I see that they do not like. I take the remark "it begins well" I put myself in the hallway and I take off my shoes, really embarrassed .... my wife come home through the front door, I told him to take off shoes and put himself in a table. my wife will ask if we can know where is our room and the manager continued its momentum. "Your husband is already fitted with shoes, be careful." when she asked if we could go up to our room alone, he replied "certainly not, you do not stand alone." we were shocked! it was handed over to a table and after fifteen minutes we attacked in our descent to our car ... really disgusted, trying to explain why our daughter. came downstairs the following sms is received (I gave my mobile to book): "you owe us 30 eur this should keep you away mr rude unmannerly shit..!" even more shocked this home, I answer that he can pick them up at noon in BSM and I will put it in place, and answer "forget me sleep in peace and learn to behave properly" I answered saying he still hear me .... I think it is serious to have a home like this, especially as there is nowhere marked the cottage is prohibited with shoes ... henk
  • Via Alpina International Secretariat - 2009-09-28
    Please note that it is essential to book in advance to stay at the Archeboc hut. The hut is open from late June until early September (no winter room available). - Nathalie Morelle, Via Alpina International Secretariat
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