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Stage point (start or end of stage)
Intermediate accommodation possibility
Town, village
Other locality

Bakery / grocery
Hardware / sports shop
Bank / cash dispenser
Open automobile access

A Tarred or paved road
B Dirt track
C Mule trail
D Mountain trail
E Equipped trail (cables, ladders)
F No trail

Stroll / tourism (broad, non-exposed trail)
Hiking (mountain trail, in places narrow and exposed)
Alpine route (equipped or very exposed section, snow field, blocks)
R94 Ulrichen » Fieschertal
  |   11h00   |   28.8 km   |   1163 m   |   1394 m

Climb uphill to the west from Ulrichen for around 200m. From here, follow the high-altitude trail Gommer-Höhenweg until reaching the village of Bellwald. Here, the ridge trail leads down to the village of Fiesch. Continue along the west side of the Fieschertal valley to the Fieschertal village, the stage destination, or take the bus.

Point Segment
Name Services Information Marking
1346 m
| D  4.6 km / 1h40
1543 m
| D  6.3 km / 2h10
1786 m
| D  4 km / 1h50
1707 m
| D  3.9 km / 1h10
1564 m
| D  2.9 km / 1h40
1562 m
| D  3.6 km / 1h10
1085 m
| D  3.5 km / 1h20
1112 m
Detailed route description
Natural and cultural heritage
Useful topographic maps
  • 264T Jungfrau ~ Swisstopo (1: 50'000)
  • 265T Nufenenpass ~ Swisstopo (1: 50'000)
  • Aletsch und Unteres Goms ~ Brig Tourismus, Brig ( )
Useful guidebooks
  • Oberwallis / Waeber/Steinbichler ~ Bergverlag Rudolf Rother GmbH (ISBN 3-7633-4127-7)
  • 20 Bergwanderungen Region Wallis / Luc Hagmann, Franz u. Brigitte Auf der Maur ~ Tamedia AG Werd Verlag (ISBN 3-85932-305-9)
  • Oberwallis / Peter Grimm ~ Bruckmann Verlag (ISBN 3-7654-3321-7)

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  • Berta - 2018-07-05
    Wir haben die Idee von Peter aufgegriffen und sind von Bellwald zur Aspis Titter Hängebrücke gegangen und weiter zur Burghütte. Gehzeit von Bellwald bis zur Hütte ca. 2 Stunden. Die Brücke ist grandios und der Weg lohnt sich.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    We took up the idea of Peter and went from Bellwald to the Aspis Titter suspension bridge and on to the Burghütte. Walking time from Bellwald to the hut about 2 hours. The bridge is terrific and the way is worth it.
  • Peter - 2017-09-23
    Von Bellwald lohnt es sich nicht nach Fieschertal hinunter zu wandern, viel schöner ist der Übergang über die neue Hängebrücke Richtung Burghütte.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    From Bellwald it is not worthwhile to hike down to Fieschertal, the crossing over the new suspension bridge towards the Burghütte is much nicer.
  • Clemens - 2015-07-08
    Unterkünfte gibt es in Bellwald - gleich am Weg, Burghütte und natürlich die Gletscherstube. Da der Weg sehr weit ist, besteht die Möglichkeit zur Übernachtung vor Bellwald nur im Abstieg oder mittels Zelt. Doch leider gibt es sehr wenige Plätze zum Campieren, die geeignet sind. Empfehlung: Versucht es bis Burghütte und lasst Fiesch und Fieschertal aus. Und wer Kraft hat, könnte auch noch zur Gletscherstube, was den Riesenvorteil hätte, dass man den Weg am Arletsch entlang für sich hätte.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    There is accommodation in Bellwald - right at the gateway, castle lodge and of course the Gletscherstube. Since the road is very wide, it is possible to spend the night before Bellwald only descent or by tent. Unfortunately, there are very few places to camp that are suitable. Recommendation: An attempt to Burg hut and let Fiesch and Fieschertal. And who has power, could even for Gletscherstube what the big advantage would that you would have the way on Arletsch along for themselves.
  • Elisabeth - 2014-12-05
    Petit problème : si le terminus de l'étape est Fieschertal, pourquoi faire l'aller-retour jusqu'à Fiesch, soit 6 km de plus ? On traverse Fieschertal en premier et non Fiesch, comme indiqué dans le topo...
    Automatic translation [Google]
    Small problem: If the terminal step is Fieschertal, why make the round trip to Fiesch, 6 km more? Fieschertal one crosses first and not Fiesch, as shown in the topo ...
  • SPYD - 2012-09-17
    Comme Martine et Martin, nous sommes allés jusqu'à Burghütte, accueil trés sympathique. Par contre comme 1ère étape de notre périple, c'est un peu long surtout la remontée finale de 400m !
    Les dénivelés donnés sont faux (comme les quelques étapes suivantes) : jusqu'à Burghütte nous avons enregistré 1500m de montée et 1100m de descente !
    Automatic translation [Google]
    As Martin and Martine, we went up Burghütte, very friendly welcome. By cons as the first step of our journey, it's a bit long especially the final ascent of 400m! The gradients are given false (such as following a few steps) to Burghütte we recorded 1500m ascent and 1100m of descent
  • Martine keller - 2011-09-19
    De Bellwald, plutôt que d'aller à Fiesch et Fieschertal, on peut aller directement à Burghütte pour y passer la nuit. Pour cela, à Bellwald, prendre direction d'Egga. remonter un joli sentier assez sauvage qui passe près de l'arrivée d'un vieux téléphérique et d'un baraquement. Continuer à monter. Le refuge de Burghütte se trouve dans un cadre enchanteur et Konrad, le gardien est adorable.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    Bellwald, rather than going to Fiesch and Fieschertal, you can go directly to Burghütte to spend the night. To do this, Bellwald take direction Egga. up a nice trail that goes pretty wild near the finish of an old car and a barracks. Continue to rise. The refuge is located in Burghütte an enchanting and Konrad, the keeper is adorable.
  • Janek - 2011-07-21
    The time indicated to cover the distance between Selkingerchäller and Willere is wrong. According to the local signs it should be 1h10
  • Martin Schreiber - 2011-01-09
    Instead of staying in Fieschertal, you can go on 2 more hours and spent the night at the 'Burghuette' (Castle-hut). It's a really convenient place and they offer half-board and an accommodation for a really cheap price.
    Tel.: 0041279714027
    [My best regards to Konrad, the hut warden and Hubertus, a mountain guide and the hut owner!]
  • Daniel - 2010-10-17
    In Fiesch, halfway from the trainstation and the Cable-car station there is friendly clean pension Hirsch (CHF 40), which serves a filling Rösti Bratwurst that will easily bring you all the way up the Aletsch Glacier
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