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Austria / Slovenia
Villach Land
Kranjska gora / Arnoldstein
Julijske Alpe, Karawanken
Triglavski narodni park
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Stage point (start or end of stage)
Intermediate accommodation possibility
Town, village
Other locality

Bakery / grocery
Hardware / sports shop
Bank / cash dispenser
Open automobile access

A Tarred or paved road
B Dirt track
C Mule trail
D Mountain trail
E Equipped trail (cables, ladders)
F No trail

Stroll / tourism (broad, non-exposed trail)
Hiking (mountain trail, in places narrow and exposed)
Alpine route (equipped or very exposed section, snow field, blocks)
R15 Dom v Tamarju » Thörl-Maglern
  |   6h10   |   23.7 km   |   659 m   |   1123 m

Start in the Planica glacial valley and go through the forests below the impressive rocky peaks to the Planica ski jumps. Go past the ski slopes and through Podkoren, then climb up to Korensko sedlo, which is already part of the Karawanken range. Then climb to the Seltschacher Alm pasture and you will arrive at the Dreiländereck (“three-country-corner”) at the Ofen mountain (1,509m), where Slovenia, Italy and Austria meet.

Point Segment
Name Services Information Marking
Dom v Tamarju
1109 m
| B  8.4 km / 1h20
841 m
| D  3.5 km / 0h50
Korensko sedlo / Wurzenpass
1077 m
| C  2.8 km / 1h30
1453 m
| C  9 km / 2h30
649 m
Detailed route description
Natural and cultural heritage
Other long-distance trails and alternative routes
South alpine long-distance hiking trail 03, KGW Carinthian border trail.
Useful topographic maps
  • Julijske Alpe, vzhodni del ~ Planinska zveza Slovenije (1 : 50 000)
  • ÖK 200 ~ Bundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen (1:50.000)
  • WK 224, Faakersee, Villach, Unteres Gailtal ~ Freitag & Berndt (1:50.000)
Useful guidebooks
  • Vodnik po Julijskih Alpah ~ Planinska zveza Slovenije (ISBN 961-6156-08-x)
  • Vodnik po planinskih postojankah v Sloveniji ~ Planinska zveza Slovenije (ISBN 961-6156-10-1)
  • Karawanken, Hans M, Tuschar ~ Bergverlag Rudolf Rother München (ISBN 3-7633-1262-5)

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  • Vegiwölfe - 2023-09-11
    Schöner und günstiger Übernachtungsort in Unterthörl: Gasthaus „Resi“ Frau Jovenik, an der Bundesstrasse, Tel. 0043 42 55 86 69. 70 € das Doppelzimmer
  • M&M - 2023-09-10
    In der ersten Septemberhälfte findet alljährlich die European Bike Week am Faaker See statt. Durch dieses große Harley Treffen ist es in dieser Zeit schwierig eine Übernachtungsmöglichkeit zu finden.
  • flautix - 2023-08-21
    Dass die Wanderer auf der Teerstraße über den offiziellen Grenzübergang am Wurzenpass geleitet werden, scheint noch aus der Zeit vor 2004 (Beitritt Sloweniens zur EU) zu stammen! Da es in Thörl-Maglern offensichtlich keine Übernachtungsmöglichkeit mehr gibt, sind wir vom Dreiländereck noch einmal zurückgelaufen und haben den Dreiländerjet abwärts nach Arnoldstein genommen und uns eine nicht billige, aber sehr gute Übernachtung beim Wallnerwirt (bestes Frühstücksbuffet der ganzen Tour!) gegönnt. Der entsprechend geänderte Track (etwas kürzere Etappe, weniger Abstieg) findet sich hier:
  • Julien Trieste Monaco - 2022-08-15
    To avoid the walk along the road and the formal border crossing, I hiked directly from Ratece to Pec/Monte Forno following Tromeja trail. Nice and shorter option. Then I hiked down to Arnoldstein for resupply. There are 2 trains a day from Arnoldstein to Thörl-Maglern.
  • Oliver - 2022-07-13
    For a more extensive resupply, consider going/hitchhiking to jesenice from which trains run straight to Villach. Villach has several major outdoor retailers as well as all major supermarkets, pharmacies, etc. Trains run from Villach Westbahnhof to Nötsch an der Gail where you can pick up the ascend to feistritzer alm.
  • Carsten - 2022-01-10
    Weekdays only buses from Thoerl to 3km away Arnoldstein (major supermarkets at both ends, hourly trains to Villach, bicycle path runs parallel to road all the way from the end of R15 to Arnoldstein). Arnoldstein is also accessible by direct descent from Dreilaendereck ‘hut.’

    Bus continues past Arnoldstein for 15km to scenic and major city Villach. Bus departs Thoerl early morning (latest around 8am), then 12:30 and there are a couple more later in the afternoon. Hermagor-Villach line (timetable is online). Trail passes busstop in Thoerl.

    For next major resupply consider an alternative route for R20.
  • Carsten - 2022-01-10
    Water: Creek just before and after Podkoren (needs filtering); rivelets (good water) at 1430m on ascent; rivelets on descent at 1070m quickly followed by sound of creek (needs sidetracking) which one crosses 10min later. River just before Thoerl (invites to a dip). Water at end of R15 c.100m to East on main road (faucet into trough).

    Camping: frequent possibilities

    Guidebook mentions bakery/supermarket in Podkoren -- did not see on or near route; google maps shows a supermarket 3km away.

    R15 includes a formal border crossing into Austria (passport check, Covid test / vaccination check). shows possibilities to cut out boring road walk via Podkoren by heading straight to the Dreilaendereck from about 5km into R15. That also avoids a formal border crossing.
  • mackedr - 2018-10-08
    There is no hotel on the Wurzenpass. The restaurant owner told me this. I was travelling W to E, so went to Podkoren, where there is a nice country hotel the Vitranc, phone +386 4 580 95 20. In Thörl-Maglern the police told me there is no hotel, but there is one about 3km towards Arnoldstein and Villach, on the right side of the road. This is closed on Tuesday - the day I was there. The Hotel Wallnerwirt in Arnoldstein, phone +43 4255 2356 is about the only hotel there that is open. It is on the Maglern side of the town. I did go to the Linde, but they only function as a restaurant. If you stay there and are heading West, you could change the route and go from Wurzenpass to the Wallnerwirt, then road walk to Maglern. If you are heading East, you can go up from Wallnerwirt Wurzenpass under the ski lift - but not, of course, on the ski lift! Do note that the sign post in Maglern to Feistritzer gives a time of 7:30. Happy walking.
  • POPEYE GG - 2018-06-13
    20 juin 2017
    Etape sans aucune difficulté, sauf la distance (27km) et la chaleur.
    Saut de ski d'été à Podkoren, et entrainement aux rollers.
    Traversée de la frontière avec l'Autriche: les échanges vont être plus faciles!
    Le chemin passe par le Dreiländereck, point commun à la Slovénie, l'Autriche et l'Italie.
    Difficulté de trouver un hébergement à Thörl Maglern: le Gasthaus Bar Hallo est fermé, mais il y a l'hôtel Neuwirtshaus (où j'ai dîné), et une Zimmerfrei (chambre d'hôte) le long de la route principale, avec ses sympathiques propriétaires âgés (petit-déjeuner fabuleux).
    Pour le ravitaillement (limité!), il faut suivre la route jusqu'à l'Italie toute proche.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    June 20, 2017 Stage without any difficulty, except distance (27km) and heat. Summer ski jump in Podkoren, and rollerblading. Crossing the border with Austria: the exchanges will be easier! The path goes through the Dreiländereck, common point to Slovenia, Austria and Italy. Difficulty finding accommodation in Thörl Maglern: the Gasthaus Bar Hallo is closed, but there is the Hotel Neuwirtshaus (where I had dinner), and a Zimmerfrei (bed & breakfast) along the main road, with its Friendly older owners (fabulous breakfast). For refueling (limited!), Follow the road to nearby Italy.
  • Eva - 2017-09-01
    I went to Kransjka gora to get resupplies. There's a nice hiking trail through the forest from Podkoren. Also the Eko Natur Kamp (15,- pppn) near Kransjka Gora is a really nice place to take a day off. I was the only overnight guest in Dom v Tamarju, it's 10,- for members of any kind of mountaineer club.
  • em - 2015-08-03
    Il Bar Gasthaus Hallo a Thörl-Maglern e` aperto. Ha solo 5 camere quindi e` consigliabile prenotare.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    19/07/2015 The Gasthaus Bar Hallo in Thörl-Maglern is open. It has only 5 rooms so it is advisable to book.
  • Tof - 2014-10-27
    Monaco trieste, 07/07/2014

    Départ de Kranjska Gora suite à problèmes techniques. A Thorl, la station service propose désormais des ravitaillements satisfaisants de mon point de vue. L'hotel en bordure de route est en vente (fermé). Possibilité de bivouac dans un champ après les dernières maisons sur l'étape du lendemain, avant le début de la montée vers.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    Monaco Trieste, 07.07.2014 out of Kranjska Gora due to technical problems. A Thorl, the gas station now offers supplies satisfactory from my point of view. The hotel roadside is for sale (closed). Possibility of camping in a field after the last houses on the next day's stage before the start of the climb to.
  • Martine Keller - 2013-03-23
    Dans le sens Thörl Maglern -Trieste:
    La carte au 1/50000 fournie par le site slovène est intéressante mais ne suffit pas car le balisage est plutôt "light". En revanche, la trace pour GPS téléchargeable sur le site de la VA est de très bonne qualité. Elle m'a été très utile.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    In the sense Thörl Maglern-Trieste: The card 1/50000 provided by the Slovenian site is interesting but not enough because the markup is rather "light". However, the GPS track downloaded from the website of the VA is very good. She was very helpful.
  • Elisabeth - 2012-11-30
    Ouf ! Le balisage devient correct quand on entre en Autriche.
    Attention : il n'y a pas de vrai ravitaillement à Thörl-Maglen (juste un dépannage à la station-service). J'ai dû aller à pied à Arnoldstein, à environ 4 km.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    Phew! The markup is correct when you enter Austria. Warning: there is no real-refueling Thörl Maglen (just a troubleshooting service station). I had to walk to Arnoldstein, about 4 km.
  • Daniel - 2011-10-20
    Podkoren is a pretty village with some very old houses. There is also some accommodation.
    In Thorl you can stay in the roadside hotel 'Hello!' for 27 + bf. Don't let this horrible name put you off, the place is OK. The owner will tell you all about the history of the house, of the time this place was a brizzling border station between the fiendish nations of Austria and Italy on the main trading route. Also have a look at his collection of ancient photographs hanging near the bar. There you see pictures of the brave WWI soldiers, standing in front of this house ready to defeat the enemy for once and for all!
  • vohi - 2010-08-29
    Aktuelle Preise (Aug. 2010) Dom v. Tamarju: Übernachtung 8 Euro, Frühstück 4 Euro
    Automatic translation [Google]
    Current prices (Aug. 2010) Dom v. Tamarju: 8 euros night, breakfast 4 euros
  • Jean-Luc - 2010-04-30
    Restez vigilant à l'approche de Thörl Maglern. Il y a un petit risque de s'égarer parmi les nombreux chemins
    Automatic translation [Google]
    Stay vigilant approach Thörl Maglern. There is a small risk of getting lost among the many paths
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