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Cerkno, Tolmin
Cerkljansko hribovje

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Town, village
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Bakery / grocery
Hardware / sports shop
Bank / cash dispenser
Open automobile access

A Tarred or paved road
B Dirt track
C Mule trail
D Mountain trail
E Equipped trail (cables, ladders)
F No trail

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Hiking (mountain trail, in places narrow and exposed)
Alpine route (equipped or very exposed section, snow field, blocks)
R8 Planinska koča na Ermanovcu » Porezen
  |   5h30   |   16.9 km   |   1196 m   |   574 m

This trail crosses the mountainous terrain of the Cerklje hills. The first part of the trail follows a road and runs across forest and grassy slopes. The road was built after WWI, when this area was part of Italy. Next is the Franja partisan hospital, which played a crucial role during WWII and is well worth visiting. Finally, climb up the pastures and forest to Porezen.

Point Segment
Name Services Information Marking
Planinska koča na Ermanovcu
967 m
| B  8.1 km / 1h40
Dolenji Novaki
491 m
| A  1.2 km / 0h20
Bolnica Franja
496 m
| D  1.9 km / 0h40
512 m
| D  3.8 km / 2h10
Sedlo Velbnik
1342 m
| D  1.9 km / 0h40
1587 m
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  • Škofjeloško in Cerkljansko hribovje ~ Geodetski zavod Slovenije (1 : 50 000)
Useful guidebooks
  • Slovenska planinska pot ~ Planinska zveza Slovenije (ISBN 961-6156-11-x)
  • Vodnik po planinskih postojankah v Sloveniji ~ Planinska zveza Slovenije (ISBN 961-6156-10-1)

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  • Rembert Biemond - 2024-03-31
    The hut was winterclosed.
    We had considered the winterroom which is a 2m x 1,5 m part of the firewoodshed. with two "beds" and emergency water. But unheated. We had decided against it (we were 3) which was a wise decision and continued with the first part of the next stage. Note that this stage has > 1200 meters up and will be if you start from Triest a new altitude record. View from the top is superb.
  • Rembert Biemond - 2024-03-31
    Please note that the end of the previous stage is identical with the first part of this stage for at least an hour In other words - if you are purist you do it (we did), or if you plan to overnight at the hut (which we couldnt , winterclosed. Then it is for quite some km an easy route, but as commented by others the steep part up from Poljane is rough to say the least. For a good part maybe because of recent forest works it was not really a path and it slowed us down. I think the 2 km or so took us two hours.
    We started at 6:15 with the last part of started stage 7 at 7:30 stage then we needed 8 hours to complete stage 7.
    Yes, some 45% more then indicated on this page.
  • Vegiwölfe - 2023-09-16
    Die Porezenhütte ist ab 17. September geschlossen. End of season. Im Biwak könnte man noch übernachten.
  • auf-guten-wegen - 2023-09-12
    Das Franja-Partisanenkrankenhaus ist leider wegen Sturmschäden vorübergehend geschlossen.
  • flautix - 2023-08-20
    Wir kamen im Nebel auf der Hütte am Porezen an und waren mit zwei Sloweninnen zusammen die einzigen Gäste. Im beheizten Gastraum wurden wir bestens versorgt und sehr freundlich von den beiden Hüttenwirtinnen bedient.
  • Valentine - 2023-06-27
    Highly recommanded to stay at Damian’s place. There are some beds or you can camp here. The family is so nice!
  • Ingo - 2022-09-17
    There is no shop in Dolenji Novaki!!! And no shop later on. So, you should stock up with food before (on R7 or in Cerkno).
  • Bernd - 2022-09-01
    Einen Abstecher zum Franja-Partisanen-Krankenhaus ist trotz Eintrittsgelds absolut empfehlenswert! Am Startpunkt-Haus kann man seinen Rucksack abstellen, bei den Toiletten gibt es kostenlos Frischwasser.
  • Bernd - 2022-09-01
    Die Hütte ist nur von Mitte Juni bis Mitte September durchgehend bewirtschaft, ansonsten nur an den Wochenenden bei gutem Wetter (detaillierte Infos unter Unsere beiden Gastgeberinnen waren überaus freundlich und sprachen ausreichendes Englisch.
  • Oliver - 2022-07-07
    As it has rained hard the previous night I decided against the super steep ascend from Poljane. Instead I went from kladje to cerkno (trail, bus, autostop, whatever you prefer) and then ascended the clearly marked trail to Labinje/Bolnica Franja. In Labinje just follow the clearly marked trail to porezen all the way to the top. You'll meet the original route automatically. This second part of trail, even though it is in good condition and very clearly marked was not shown in my GPS App. Overall the ascend remains steep, but probably not as bad as from Poljane. It was easily doable even in wet conditions.
  • Carsten - 2022-01-10
    Consider descending from Kladje (2.5km before the end of R7) to the larger village of Cerkno (and spend the night in a nice hotel), then walk a road (could be a dirt road) to meet the Via Alpina in R8 at c.1000m altitude. Cerkno is little below the lowest point of R8. On the Via Alpina, the first 300m altitude gain from Poljane are on a trail with a 45 degree incline, the next 200m (to reach 1000m) on a 30 degree incline, i.e. are brutally straight up. Alternative: go from Cerkno to Poce and take the trail from there directly to the peak, joining R9 c.200 altitude meters below the peak.
    Water: 500m above lowest point, creek crossing; subsequently several creeks up to c.800m altitude; trough c.100 altitude meters below peak with clean trickle after rain; sound of running water from enclosed area 20m off trail c.50m altitude below peak. Faucet outside hut (end of R8) with sign that not potable.
  • pascal - 2019-09-06
    Le 12/06/2019
    Le refuge de Porezen étant fermé à notre arrivé, nous sommes descendu à Petrovo brdo où nous avons trouvé l'auberge PLANINSKI DOM tenue par Irena et Rudolf Zgaga. Emplacement pour la tente, douche, repas pour 24€. Très bon accueil.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    The 12/06/2019 The refuge of Porezen being closed to our arrival, we went down to Petrovo brdo where we found the inn PLANINSKI DOM held by Irena and Rudolf Zgaga. Location for the tent, shower, meal for 24 €. Very nice home.
  • kessel_kolumna - 2019-07-03
    Wir können Barbara & Peter nur zustimmen. Bei Rudi ist es super. Er fuhr uns auch für 10€ nach Podbrdo zum Bahnhof. Über Jesenice kommt man von dort problemlos nach Österreich, z.B. Villach und von dort nach Hause. Ist ein guter Ausstieg für alle, die wie wir die ViaAlpina nicht in einem Jahr laufen können.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    We can only agree with Barbara & Peter. It's great with Rudi. He drove us for 10 € to Podbrdo to the station. About Jesenice you can easily from there to Austria, eg Villach and from there home. Is a good way out for anyone who, like us, can not run ViaAlpina in a year.
  • Barbara/Peter - 2018-07-14
    Wir sind vom Porezen abgestiegen und haben in Petrovo brdo genächtigt. Hütte mit zwei netten Zimmern und überaus gastfreundlichem Wirt (Rudi). Sehr empfehlenswert.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    We descended from Porezen and spent the night in Petrovo brdo. Cottage with two nice rooms and extremely hospitable host (Rudi). Highly recommended.
  • POPEYE GG - 2018-06-12
    14 juin 2017
    J'avais prévu de m'arrêter au refuge de Porezen, mais il n'était pas ouvert (c'était un mercredi, ouvert seulement en week-end comme celui de R7?), et le temps semble se gâter. Je continue donc jusqu'à Petrovo Brdo (début de R9) et tombe sur le gîte du même nom. Le gardien est très sympa et m'a accueilli avec une goutte pouir me réchauffer (ça tombe bien, car je il s'est mis à pleuvoir juste en arrivant!).
    Automatic translation [Google]
    June 14, 2017 I planned to stop at the Porezen shelter, but it was not open (it was a Wednesday, open only for weekends like the one of R7?), And the weather seems to be spoiled. I continue until Petrovo Brdo (beginning of R9) and falls on the cottage of the same name. The caretaker is very nice and welcomed me with a drop to warm me (that's good, because I started to rain just arriving!).
  • Tine - 2017-11-01
    Sleeping accommodation at Nadja`s Pro Milki in Doljeni Novaki is perfect! Very friendly people. Correct e-mail is
  • Eva - 2017-09-01
    Porezen is great great place! Friendly host, good Turkish coffee and I got some Strudel as a bonus :-). They had a Via Alpina map for the Slovenian part of the Red and Purple trail, first time that I saw that.

    I hiked in opposite direction, so the descend was pretty steep! At the end, after the meadows when you pass a few houses/settlement, I took a wrong turn and ended on the road instead of the trail to Bolnica Franja. There is a Gostilna and a friendly man, Albin, who let me camp in his garden. I was his 10th hiker-gardencamper "guest" (this year).

    I was told that there is no supermarket in Dolenji Novaki (closed 15 years ago?!). No fresh food :-(

    And a little warning for the ticks. Today I had two tiny ones. Since there was a lot of high grass and here and there overgrown trails, it's no surprise.
  • Klaus - 2016-09-16
    Die Berghütte auf dem Porezen ist mit knapp 50 Plätzen ziemlich groß, aber ob 2 Toiletten und eine kalte Dusche dann ausreichen?
    Außer dem nur slowenisch sprechenden Padrone war ich alleine auf der ziemlich heruntergekommenen Hütte und obwohl sich der Mann alle Mühe gab, wollte keine Heimeligkeit aufkommen - natürlich auch wegen des aufziehenden Gewitters.
    Zu Essen gab es nur Bohnensuppe und Wurst und am nächsten Morgen ein schlechtes Frühstück.
    47€ für alles zusammen deckt sich nicht mit der vorherigen Nacht. Aber man muß sicherlich nicht alles verstehen.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    The mountain lodge on the Porezen is quite large with almost 50 seats, but if 2 toilets and a cold shower then sufficient? Except for the Slovenian-speaking padrone, I was alone in the rather run-down hut, and although the man was trying hard, there was no need for homeliness - of course because of the gathering thunderstorm. For food there was only bean soup and sausage and the next morning a bad breakfast. € 47 for everything together does not coincide with the previous night. But you certainly do not have to understand everything.
  • Klaus - 2016-09-16
    Tour 15.09.2016 - 6:30h (ohne Hospitalbesuch)
    - 2h bis zum Museumshospital Bolnica Franja auf anfangs demselben Weg wie tags zuvor.
    - Für das Partizanenhospital sollte man sich m.E. eine gute Stunde Zeit nehmen, um die noch immer präsente Kriegszeit dieser Region ansatzweise verstehen zu können.
    - 1:30h angenehmer Aufstieg mit schönen Ausblicken auf guter Wegeführung und ausreichender Markierung.
    - Knapp 3 Stunden steiler Aufstieg zum Porezen z.T. nur mit Hilfe der Hände zuerst im Wald und anschließend auf beweideten Wiesenflächen. Zur Suche nach den seltenen Pflanzen hat die Kraft leider nicht mehr gereicht.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    Tour 15.09.2016 - 6: 30h (without visit to hospital) - 2h to the Museum Hospital Bolnica Franja on the same route as the day before. - For the Partizanhospital one should take in my opinion a good hour, in order to be able to understand the still present wartime of this region rudimentary. - 1: 30h pleasant climb with beautiful views on good route and sufficient marking. - Almost 3 hours steep climb to Porezen partly only with the help of hands first in the forest and then on grazed meadows. Unfortunately, the power to search for the rare plants was no longer enough.
  • Elisabeth - 2012-11-30
    Le sentier qui mène à Dolenji Novaki est fléché "Bolnitza Franja" ! A aucun moment vous ne verrez "Dolenji Novaki" : c'est assez déroutant. On dit que l'eau n'est pas potable mais j'en ai bu partout sans problème.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    The path to Dolenji Novaki is signposted "Bolnitza Franja!" At no time you will see "Dolenji Novaki" is quite confusing. They say the water is not drinkable but I drank all without problem.
  • Daniel - 2011-10-20
    From Poljane up to Porezen there is no place where you can fill up your water bottle. So take plenty up. In all of the coming huts you cannot drink the water: drinking water is sold in 1.5 liter bottles. Room 20 pp.
  • Janek - 2011-07-21
    I found no grocery store in Dolenji Novak. Had to hitch-hike to Cerkno for food.
  • vohi - 2010-09-01
    Nach Abstieg von Sedlo Velbnik schlechte Wegweisung.. Wir haben das Partisanenkrankenhaus Bolnica Franja erst mithilfe eines Einheimischen gefunden!
    Der Weg nach Ermanovec ist wieder gut ausgeschildert..

    Die Hütte Ermanovec (siehe Abbildung rechts) ist sehr empfehlenswert, gute Wasch-/Duschgelegenheit (sehr sauber), nette Gastgeber, Unterkünfte sowohl Zimmer als auch Bettenlager..
    Preise: Übernachtung Zimmer 18 Euro, Übernachtung Bettenlager 10 Euro, Frühstück 3 Euro. Das Frühstück ist sehr zu empfehlen!
    Automatic translation [Google]
    After relegation from Sedlo Velbnik bad signposts .. We found the partisan hospital Franja Bolnica only using a local! The way Ermanovec is again well signposted .. The cabin Ermanovec (pictured at right) is highly recommended, good Wasch-/Duschgelegenheit (very clean), nice hosts, accommodation both rooms and camp bed .. Prices: Bed room 18 euro, 10 euro overnight camp bed, breakfast € 3. The breakfast is highly recommended!
  • Jean-Luc - 2010-03-11
    La montée au Porezen est des plus sauvages. c'est de là qu'apparait nettement le Triglav. Le refuge du Porezen est idéalement placé, surtout sa terrasse face au Triglav.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    The climb to Porezen is the wildest. it is here that much of the Triglav. The refuge Porezen is ideally located, especially its terrace facing the Triglav.
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