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Notranjski kras

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Stage point (start or end of stage)
Intermediate accommodation possibility
Town, village
Other locality

Bakery / grocery
Hardware / sports shop
Bank / cash dispenser
Open automobile access

A Tarred or paved road
B Dirt track
C Mule trail
D Mountain trail
E Equipped trail (cables, ladders)
F No trail

Stroll / tourism (broad, non-exposed trail)
Hiking (mountain trail, in places narrow and exposed)
Alpine route (equipped or very exposed section, snow field, blocks)
R4 Razdrto » Predjama
  |   4h10   |   15 km   |   744 m   |   801 m

Nanos lies ahead and is the first serious climb at over 1,000 metres. Follow the footpath through the forest. Higher up are picturesque meadows from which there is an exceptional view of the hills below. Cross the Nanos ridge and return to the valley, then pass through two quaint hamlets before reaching Predjama and the Predjama Castle, a unique historical and natural phenomenon.

Point Segment
Name Services Information Marking
554 m
| D  4.6 km / 2h00
Vojkova koča na Nanosu
1264 m
| D  5 km / 1h15
674 m
| C  3 km / 0h30
Šmihel pod Nanosom
587 m
| C  2.4 km / 0h25
504 m
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Natural and cultural heritage
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  • Notranjski kras ~ Geodetski zavod Slovenije (1 : 50 000)
Useful guidebooks
  • Vodnik po planinskih postojankah v Sloveniji ~ Planinska zveza Slovenije (ISBN 961-6156-10-1)
  • Slovenska planinska pot ~ Planinska zveza Slovenije (ISBN 961-6156-11-x)

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  • auf-guten-wegen - 2023-09-12
    Die Vojkova koča na Nanosu war Mitte Juli 2023 wegen Renovationsarbeiten geschlossen.
  • Tony - 2023-07-18
    A memorial stage today: for the first the altitude reaches more than 1000 meters!
  • mochileranja - 2023-06-22
    Vojkova koča na Nanosu was closed, they only sold some (warm) drinks like soda and beer from a stall, no toilets.
    If you can’t find accommodation in Predjama it’s well worth it to continue to Gostišče Stara Pošta v Hrušici - the owners are super friendly and caring, the food is delicious and there’s even a small museum at the back.
    Oh and I also almost stepped on a snake in the forest today so watch out and take care :-)
  • Karsten - 2022-07-04
    Big shout out to Carsten (10.1.22)! Your descriptions of water supply have proven very helpful, mate!!! Cheers!
    I couldn't get accomodation in Predjama due to the weekend (only food). So I continued on the trail for 1-2 km uphill to some fairytale meadows in the forest at a little sidetrack to the right to find a perfect bivouac spot.
  • Bergserker - 2022-06-22
    Vojkova Koca was open for business, selling good Apfelstrudel and drinks. No free drinking water.

    Sleeping at the hut was not possible, despite it's 48 beds. Apparently they're planning a new hut and want to close soon.

    I went the 21km and 300m of elevation gain to Col and stayed at Gostilna Tratnik. Very nice owner sells beer and food even though the restaurant was closed.

    Next day I reconnected to the Via Alpina at Javornik.
  • Carsten - 2022-01-10
    Spring halfway down Nanos. Trickle on 2 July 2021 after rains. Water fountain in Strane. Faucet and picnic table at exit out of Smihel. Creek just before Predjama; toilets/water at the ticket office to the Predjama Castle.
  • Pedro57 - 2019-06-23
    The pizza at Mirjam is not bad!.... And the breakfast is excellent. Mirjam also has a campsite which we didn't use as we had walked in heavy rain for most of the day. As the morning was clagged in with little chance of views and a good chance of more rain, we avoided the climb over Nanos and walked picturesque backroads to Srane (5.0km). This meant we arrived in Predjama at lunchtime and had plenty of time to visit the castle.
  • Wanderin - 2019-05-17
    In der Nähe von Razdrto eine super Übernachtung im Bauernhof Hudicevec mit super Frühstück. Das Küchenpersonal hat abends extra auf uns gewartet und sehr leckeres Essen gekocht. Wegen strömendem Regen hat uns die Chefin netterweise im Auto zur Höhle von Skocjan gefaahren.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    Near Razdrto a great night in the farm Hudicevec with great breakfast. The kitchen staff waited for us in the evening and cooked very delicious food. Because of pouring rain the boss kindly drove us in the car to the cave of Skocjan.
  • POPEYE GG - 2018-06-12
    10 juin 2017
    J'ai entrepris depuis le 8 juin la Via Alpina que je vais parcourir pendant 35 jours jusqu'à l'étape R37 me menant à Finkenberg (Mayrhofen exactement, d'où il y a un train pour le retour vers Innsbruck).
    Pour qui est intéressé, voir aussi mon blog "".
    Aujourd'hui, un première étape en montagne, et l'arrivée à Prejama est superbe avec son chateau surprenant niché à même la roche.
    Par contre, attention, il y a bien un hébergement, mais pas de ravitaillement!
    Automatic translation [Google]
    10th of June 2017 Since 8th June, I have started the Via Alpina, which I will go through for 35 days until the stage R37 leading to Finkenberg (Mayrhofen exactly, from where there is a train back to Innsbruck) . For who is interested, see also my blog "". Today, a first step in the mountains, and the arrival in Prejama is superb with its surprising castle nestled in the rock. By cons, be careful, there is a lodging, but no refueling!
  • Eva - 2017-09-15
    Koča near Pleša, I had a nice stay there last year October. Friendly staff, good Jota and they totally spoiled me with coffee. Possible to camp in the garden.
  • Klaus - 2016-09-16
    Gostlina Pozar liegt direkt an der Einflugschneise zu beeindruckenden Burg (Foto), die von vielen Touristen benutzt wird.
    Winziges Dachzimmer ohne TV für 45€. Nette Bedienung, gutes Essen und schöne Terrasse mit Blick auf die Burg.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    Gostlina Pozar is located directly on the entry lane to the impressive castle (photo), which is used by many tourists. Tiny attic room without TV for 45 €. Nice service, good food and nice terrace overlooking the castle.
  • Klaus - 2016-09-16
    Tour am 12.09.2016 - 5,5 Std.
    - Gutes Frühstück im Mirjam.
    - 2:30 Std. steiler Aufstieg auf passabler Wegeführung bis Vojkona Koča, die auch am Montag geöffnet hat.
    - 1:45 z.T. steiler Waldabstieg bis Strane
    - 1:15 auf geteerten oder geschotterten Wald- und Wiesenwegen bis zur Burg in Predjama.
    - Ohne GPS-Unterstützung reicht die Markierung auf dieser Strecke nicht aus!
    Automatic translation [Google]
    Tour on 12.09.2016 - 5.5 hours - good breakfast in the Mirjam. - 2:30 hrs. Steep climb on passable route to Vojkona Koča, which is also open on Monday. - 1:45 partly steeper forest descent to Strane - 1:15 on paved or gravel forest and meadow paths to the castle in Predjama. - Without GPS support, the mark on this route is not enough!
  • Henk - 2013-04-27
    If staying in Predjama is not possible, there is a school bus at 14:18 to Postojna (great youth hostel). Next day, take the bus back to Predjama at 5:25 am.
  • Daniel - 2011-10-20
    Between Razdrto (good room, but lousy kitchen: only prefab pizza) and Predjama no accommodation.
    * Hotel Razdtro 35 euro
    * Hotel Predjama 45 euro

  • ROUSSELLE - 2010-01-06
    Le refuge Vojkova koča na Nanosu n'est pas ouvert tous les jours (fermeture le lundi en août 2008)
    Automatic translation [Google]
    The refuge Vojkova koča Nanosu did not open every day (closed on Mondays in August 2008)
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