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Muggia (Trieste)
Muggia was a Roman settlement. It became part of the Republic of Venice and was then under Hapsburg rule. Atop a small hill is the ancient basilica dedicated to saints Ermacora and Fortunato, and later to St. Maria Assunta. One of many cultural events is the Muggia carnival with the contrade (quarters) taking part. Trieste, originally Roman, was a busy Hapsburg port under Empress Marie Therese. From then date the Armenian and Greek-Orthodox churches, synagogue, and many other symbols of Christianity, signs of the city’s cultural openness. A rich variety of ethnic groups, customs, religions and names contributed to the city’s greatness: Joyce, Saba, Svevo, Quarantotto-Gambini. Visit the Roman theatre, the Verdi theatre for its prestigious musical tradition, the art collections and the Rivoltella Civic museum. The city’s gastronomy reflects the diversity of its residents: Viennese cafes, informal eateries offering typical Karst cuisine, fish places as well as more upmarket restaurants.
Last update : 2012-11-07