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APT Provincia di Sondrio, ufficio di Chiesa in Valmalenco, Via Squadrani 1
Chiesa in Valmalenco
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Alpe Palù
The landscape of the area is extremely interesting (Lake Palù is the largest in Val Malenco). From Alpe Palù (2007m) one can transit through the Campolungo Pass (2167m) between Mount Motta to the South and Mount Reggione (2361m) to the North, to Alpe Campolungo (2110m), to Scrèrscen Refuge (1813m) and to Campo Frànscia (1557mt).North of the Lake a path leads to Alpe Roggione (2007m) and to Bocchel del Torno (2203m), between Monte Reggione and the Sasso Nero (2734m) from here one can descend to Campolungo. There are numerous winter and spring skiing installations in this area. Each year, on the second Sunday in August, the underwater celebration of “Cristo degli Abissi” takes place as well as the Alp festival.
Rifugio Palù
B: isolated managed hut, pasture hut, altitude hotel 46 June - November
30-44 EUR
  • self-catering without equipment
15-24 EUR Località Lago Palù
Dell'Andrino Giuseppe via vassalini 43, Chiesa in Valmalenco - 23023 Chiesa in Valmalenco
++39 0342 453030 ++39 0342 452201
Last update : 2009-06-17