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Ufficio Turistico di Tirano: P.zza Stazione
++39 0342 706066
++39 0342 706066
Malghera (1964m) crossed by the Roasco torrent is situated at the entrance to the Val Grosina and at the mouth of the Sacco Valley. Worth a visit is the Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Misericordia (or del Muschio) a testimony of faith of the people who come in June to celebrate religious rites. It was built in 1888 but has a chapel dating back to 1836 commemorating the image of a Madonna and Child, which appeared to a shepherd during a storm on the “muschio” (moss) of a rock in 1750. On the right there is a bell tower of 1910, inside an image of the Virgin and Child (19th century). From here in a northerly direction, the valley opens up to the right and meets several lakes at Pian dei Laghi (2316m) just before the Vermolera Pass leading to Val d’Avedo. Across the bottom of the valley, flanking the Roasco River, one reaches the Baite della Pirla (1830m) in high western Val Grosina and the Malghera refuge, open june-september.
Rifugio Malghera
B: isolated managed hut, pasture hut, altitude hotel 90 beds June - September
30-44 EUR
  • Groups
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Supper
  • Packed lunch
  • self-catering without equipment
7-14 EUR località Malghera, c/o chiesa della Madonna del Muschio
Rifugio Malghera
+39 333 9258966 +39 340 7076159
Bivacco Duilio Strambini
A: shelter, bivouac, unmanned hut (open or with key in immediate proximity) January - December
Alta Val di Sacco
Comune di Grosio
++39 0342 8412
Ricovero Biancadin
A: shelter, bivouac, unmanned hut (open or with key in immediate proximity) 0 July - September
Val di Sacco
Cittadini di Grosio info c/o Pro Loco e Comune di Grosio
++39 0342 8412
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