Laureates 2012

Mapping the Via Alpina on the collaborative tool OpenStreetMap, preparing a practical guide for hiking the Blue Trail with a dog, discovering by hiking the protected areas of 3 countries: these are the themes of the three projects selected for the Via Alpina Travel Fellowships 2012 awarded by the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention, the Via Alpina Secretariat of the Principality of Monaco and the international Via Alpina network:

Mapping PartyMapping party on the Via Alpina: Maps are an essential tool for the hiker, for route preparation as well as orientation in the field. But, especially for a long-distance journey, it is sometimes difficult to find detailed and updated maps and they have a non-negligible cost (and weight). OpenStreetMap is a collaborative and free tool which makes available for everyone maps created by a community of already more than half a million people worldwide. This summer, an international group of about 15 people will walk 75 stages of the Via Alpina, on the Red and Blue Trails between Monaco and Switzerland, in order to collect all useful data and publish them on OpenStreetMap. A series of panoramic photographs will also be realised. Read more>>

RandocaboRANDOCABO - Hiking with your dog on the Via Alpina: Many hikers own a dog and wish to enjoy the mountains together with their faithful companion. However, hiking in the Alps with a dog can be tricky: legislation, water and food supplies, accommodation. The project by Éléonore, Joël and William (La Roquebrussanne, Var, France) together with their dogs Chip, Diego and Sherpa aims at identifying a network of trails and lodgings adapted to hikers with a dog, built up around the Blue Trail with variants as necessary. Read more >>

AndreaContinuum – Via Alpina: From its inception, the Via Alpina aimed at being a linking thread between a large number of Alpine protected areas. This summer, nature guide from Belluno (Italy) Andrea Pasqualotto will put this idea into practice by walking along the Red Trail through the Triglav, Stelvio and Swiss National Parks as well as the Tre Cime – Dolomiti di Sesto Nature Park. He will travel the linking stages by public transport. Through this project, he wishes on one side to motivate other tourism professionals to take on the Via Alpina and propose such country-hopping tours to their customers; on the other side, he will collect experiences and material for transmission to schoolchildren in environmental education activities. Read more >>

You will soon be able to follow the progress of each of these projects through their respective blogs. Upon their conclusion we will circulate on line and during various events the short films realised along each of these four adventures.

We are also presenting you below the summaries of the other eligible projects which were submitted. Presented by candidates from Germany, Slovenia and the Netherlands, they deal with arts, education, sports or culture with very varied approaches. Each of them at its level brings out a significant enrichment for the Via Alpina. Some will still be carried out, and may receive the moral support of Via Alpina, the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention and the Via Alpina-Monaco Secretariat.

In the order of submission of the applications:

Katja Münker : GEHEN TransAlpin >>

Marc Delongie : Vol-bivouac le long de la Via Alpina >>

Urša Erman : Semaines alpines : les Alpes, notre foyer ! >>

Julia Reichardt : Traverser les Alpes sur les pas d’Hannibal >>

Manca Miko : Lovro voyage – Lovro connecte >>

Urša Erman : Sois actif, sois durable ! >>


Due to a lack of satisfying applications in the “Youth” category, the selection committee decided not to award that fellowship.

For reference, here the documents relative to the 2012 competition (which was open from 8.09 to 15.11.2011):

Regulations (.doc, 400 Ko)

Contract (.doc,  400 Ko)

Application form (.doc, 400 Ko)