Eyewitness - Elisabeth Gsottbauer - PROJECT CANCELLED

“We are going on a journey, following the course of the Via Alpina through some of the most fabulous mountain landscapes, and discovering the history, culture and the way of living in the Alpine communities in a changing climate. Along the way, the Via Alpina gives us an exceptional invitation to discover how climate change is affecting the Alps - from an increased frequency of extreme events to the disappearance of glaciers from the slopes of the mountains – and what the repercussions are for people and their livelihoods.

Along the way we are gathering the stories from inhabitants, tourists, hut owners and farmers: how they feel these changes and how they are planning to face these forthcoming challenges. We travel to familiar places and areas hidden away from the track, looking at how people on the Via Alpina can rebuild their relationship with the environment. These eyewitness accounts will be heard and seen through film, blog and photography. It allows us to spin a virtual trail on the Via Alpina and find out how lives and future perspectives are adapting to the changing climate.”

Contact: elisabeth.viaalpina@gmail.com