Among wild Alpine flowers


From Soča valley to Kobilnik mountain (693m), from Cerklje valley on Porezen (1630m) and through beautiful scenary on Črna prst (1844m) – amazing views on Julian Alps and Bohinj lake,  than down to Bohinj valley through one of the most colourful place – Planina za Liscem.


Three typical different alpine valleys in Julian Alps and different ways of life.


From Bohinj lake (520m) on First World War trail up to Komna plato (1300m) (mountain hut) than moderate hiking to mountain hut Seven Triglav lakes (overnight). Passing  rest of seven Triglav lakes on Dolič mountain hut . Possible ascent on Triglav (2864m)- 4hours up and down. Descent to Trenta valley – Inf point of Triglav Nationa park (overnight).


Transfer to Vršič pass and than to mountain hut Špička under Jalovec, descent to Tamar – hut




Julian Alps




7 day


PROGRAM:    - meeting point: Hotel Lucija - Most na Soči **

- overnight: Hotel Lucija** - Most na Soči, quality: 3 hikersi    - transfer to the Tolmin, administration center for Posočje region

- trekking tour:

- Tolminska korita - Kobilnik: walking 2h hoje,  easy trail

- transfer to the Cerkno

- overnight:  Hotel Cerkno***, quality: 4 hikers     - transfer to the Poče

- trekking tour:

            - Poče - Porezen (mountain hut): walking 2h, easy, but somewhere steep trail

            - Porezen - Petrovo Brdo (mountain hut): walking 2h, easy trail

- Petrovo Brdo - Črna Prst (mountain hut): walking 3h, easy but steep trail

                - overnight: Dom Zorka Jelinčiča na Črni prsti, quality: mountain hut     -trekking tour:

- Črna prst - planina Za Liscem - Bohinjska Bistrica: walking 3h,  easy, but somewhere moderate trail

- transfer luggage: from Hotel Cerkno to Penzion Tripič****

- overnight: Penzion Tripič****, quality: 4 hikers    - transfer: to the Savica waterfall

               - visit: Savica waterfall

- trekking tour:

- waterfall Savica hut - Komarča - Črno jezero: walking 3h, moderate, somewhere very difficult steep trail

- Črno jezero - Koča pri sedmerih jezerih (mountain hut): walking 3h, easy trail

- Koča pri sedmerih jezerih - Koča na Doliču (mountain hut): walking 3h, easy, somewhere moderate trail

               - overnight: Tržaška koča na Doliču, quality: mountain hut     - trekking tour:

- Koča na Doliču –Triglav - the  highest peak of Slovenia: walking 2h, very difficult trail

- Triglav - Dolič - Trenta (info center TNP): walking 4h, moderate, somewhere very difficult trail

- overnight: info center Triglav national park apartment,***, quality: 3 hikers     - transfer: to the pass Vršič

- trekking tour:  

- Vršič - Zavetišče pod Špičko (mountain hut): walking 3h, easy trail

- Zavetišče pod Špičko - Kotovo sedlo - Tamar - Planica: walking 3h, difficult, somewhere very difficult trail

- transfer: to the Kranjska Gora - Hotel Lek***

- transfer luggage: from  Penzion Tripič to the Hotel Lek***





PRICE:                                                    568,00 EUR/person


PRICE (included mountain guide):     718,00 EUR/person





-  overnights in hiking hotels and mountain huts: Hotel Lucija ***, 3 hikers (B/B)

   Hotel Cerkno ***,4 hikers (HB, 2x lunch package) , hut Črna prst (B), Pension

   Tripič ****,4 hikers (HB), hut Dolič (HB), Triglav National Centre (BB), Hotel Lek (HB)

-  tourist tax inclouded

-  all shuttle transfer (min. four persons )

-  1:50.000 map inclouded in price by self guided option

-  Triglav national Park centre in Trenta – entrance fee



- single bed room: +7 to 12 EUR/person/day



- children till 12 years between 20 – 40% discount



- signed trail

- dogs-  agreement in advance

- recomendations:

    100 Wild Alpine Flowers- guide

    Visits: Tolminska korita (Tolmin), Slap Savica, cable car     Vogel (Bohinj)

    Excursion boats on lakes Most na Soči and Bohinj-     waterfall Savica

    Triglav National Centre




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