"Mountaineering Villages" along the Via Alpina

Mountaineering Villages along the Via Alpina in Austria and Germany


The project „Bergsteigerdörfer“ – mountaineering villages – are handpicked by the Austrian Alpine Association and represent Alpine heritage at its best: old and well established alpine history, unspoilt nature, a very rich hiking offer, climbing and ski touring possibilities and much more. Being Alpine competence centres, the Mountaineering Villages focus on responsibility, ability and sovereignty as well as the environmentally friendly and responsible behaviour of their guests in the mountains. This commitment to preserve local cultural and natural values has elevated Bergsteigerdörfer to become an official implementation project of the Alpine Convention (Fall 2016). Partnership Agreements now lay the ground for new mountaineering villages in neighbouring countries of Germany, Italy and Slovenia. 

Hiking along the Via Alpina, you will come through some of these small but nice villages and it pays of to stay some days in such a mountaineering village. Following villages are situated at the Via Alpina trails: 

  • Red itinerary: Lesachtal - Karnischer KammTiroler Gailtal - Karnischer Kamm with the villages Obertillilach, Untertilliach und Kartitsch, Ginzling in the Zillertal, Großes Walsertal with the villages Sonntag/Buchboden, Thüringerberg, St. Gerold, Blons, Raggal/Marul, Fontanella/Faschina 
  • Yellow itinerary: Vent in the Ötztal 
  • Purple Itinerary: Zell-Sele, Johnsbach im Gesäuse (Admont), Ramsau bei Berchtesgaden, Sachrang-Schleching (July 2017)


Very rich offer for hiking trips, climbing, ski touring, cross-country skiing.


The initiative "Mountaineering Villages" is based on an idea of the Austrian Alpine Association who coordinates the project. Aim of the project, which is financed by the European Community and the Austrian Ministry of Ecology, is to support villages in the alpine region, which want to exist without expensive technical equipment and act on the principles of the Alpine Convention.


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