Escartouns Hikes


RESORT: Valle Varaita - Queyras - Valle Pellice - Valle Germanasca - Val Troncea - Val Chisone
6 days / 5 nights + 1-2 additional upon request (extra loop)

A hike crossing an Alpine region on the border between Italy and France. From North to South, the trail runs an area united by common history but characterized by a deep bio-diversity in a limited space. An ideal thread which in 6 days takes us from Val Varaita to Val Germanasca, with the possibilty to continue up to Pragelato (Val Chisone) with one or two additional stops for better trained hikers. The experience to get in touch with a nature finding its expression in the cross-border parks: Parco del Po Cuneese, Parco della Val Troncea, Parco Naturale del Queyras (France).
1st day:
Meeting in Varaita Valley and introduction about Escartouns – According to the time of arrival of participants, walk in the Wood of Alevè or to the hamlets high in the valley to discover sundials and Alpine architecture. Evening dedicated to observing the sky.

2nd day: From Chianale through Soustra Valley you’ll reach the pass of Losetta with a striking view of Monviso, then continue towards the pass of Vallanta and arrive at the refuge Mont Viso. Height difference: about m 1000

3rd day: From the refuge we’ll say hello to Monviso at the Pass of Seilliere and look on Conca del Prà bowl, a plane 2,5 km long with morphological post-glacial characteristics. On the premises, there are several farms producing cheeses, among which "Seras del Fen" (possibility of a visit and tasting). Dinner and overnight stay at Jervis Refuge. Height difference: about m 1150

4th day: Departure from Jervis towards the pass of Urina. After surpassing the last mountain huts, you’ll go up to the top in a rugged and rocky valley, crossing the border. Descent in France in the woods and arrival at Le Roux. Height difference: about m 840.

5th day: Ascent to Col d'Abries at the feet of Gran Queyron. Arrival at Ghigo di Prali. Height difference: about m 910.

6th day: visit to "Scopriminiera", ecomuseum of the mines and Germanasca Valley. Just above the present site for extracting talc, over three kilometres of galleries that have recently stopped being used have been equipped to allow admission to visitors. Goodbye lunch and transfer Chianale or continuation with extra loop.

7th-8th day: extra loop upon request to arrive in Pragelato in Chisone Valley. Final visit to the Escartouns Museum.

min. 8 people
from € 490,00 – discounts for CAI associates
The fee includes:

5 overnight stays in a refuge, breakfast and dinner included for the whole length of the journey, 1 nature guide for the whole length of the journey, transfer from the place of arrival to the place of departure, welcome dinner, goodbye lunch, admission ticket and guided tour of Scopriminiera. The fee doesn’t include:
transport to the place of departure (transport from/to airport and station upon request);packed lunch (upon request), extras, drinks and whatever isn’t included in "The fee includes".

June to September

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