"Bepi Zac" High Way


Creste del Costabella (TN)

Historical and architectural information: This Way snakes along Costabella’s crowns, front line between Italy and Austria during World War I..
From Selle Pass (2.528 metres high), reachable through a comfortable path from San Pellegrino Pass, lies the starting point of “Bepi Zac”’s via ferrata (iron way, n.d.T.), called in this way in honour of Giuseppe Pellegrin, founder of the Selle Pass Refuge and the High Way. It’s a path that retraces the Great War’s outline thanks to recent upkeeping works, through trenches dug in the ground and the rocks, gallery openings, mine tunnels, ladders and wooden boardwalks.
Between 1915 and 1917 the Austrian-Hungarian army, posted on the Selle Pass – key station at the furthest south-western edge of the Marmolada front, as a gate to Avisio Valley – built a small village made of shacks to shelter people and ammunitions, called Detz Station; the ruins are still well visible.

Information for visits:
Starting point: San Pellegrino Pass (1918 metres high), about 10 km from Moena.
The equipped path is freely accessible prior to adequate gearing (cord, karabiner, body harness, helmet and torch). The most exposed places are protected by metal ropes.

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