S.Faustino and Visconti Venosta Castles


Grosio (SO)

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Visconti Venosta Castle


Historical and architectural information: In Grosio, on an overlooking position above the village, San Faustino Castle (also called Old Castle) and Visconti Venosta Castle (also called New Castle, bigger and better preserved) rise. They were built in different historical periods and have a typical fortified structure in common. The former is smaller, and its function was purely defensive; it was built around X-XI century. Only some ruins remain, among which the Romanesque bell tower adjacent to the Castle Church of Saints Faustino and Giovita. The presence of sepulchres and ruins of old buildings, positioned at the building’s feet, makes one think about the existence of a building pre-existent to the castle. The Church, with its semicircular apse, was included into a High Middle Ages castle belonging to the Venostas; its building occurred at a later stage between XVII and XIX centuries, as the remaining walls witness. The New Castle’s building, on the other hand, dates back to the second half of the XIV century; it was built according to the will of the Viscontis from Milan, and is one of the few castles in the Valtellina area to get away with destructions imposed by the Grigionis earlier on. Its strategic position allowed the Viscontis to conquer the County of Bormio in 1376, thanks to the Venostas cooperation, too. From such “cooperation” the name “Visconti Venosta Castle” was created. The main characteristic of this castle is its double circle of surrounding walls, regarded as a sort of shelter for the population in case of danger; throughout the years, though, the hypothesis that such double circle of walls was used to position retracting ladders according to necessity was laid, too. At present, archaeological studies are being done inside, which have led to finding out the existence of an earlier settlement dating back to the iron age.  
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