Venini Fort or Oga Fort

Loc. Oga, Valdisotto (SO)

Cooperativa Soc. SOLARES
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Venini Fort


Historical and architectural information:Venini Fort, best known as Oga Fort, is in Valdisotto, above the village of Oga, 1750 above sea level; it was built between 1909 and 1912 in a strategic position on the hill called Dossaccio. From here, one can see the whole surrounding area, from Foscagno pass to Fraele Towers, from Stelvio to Valfurva. Inside, it was divided into several rooms; in the southern ones slugs were made, on the upper floors were the apartments, the kitchen, the infirmary and the control stations. Outside, two rollaway towers housed machine guns; cannons, with a thirteen-kilometre rifle range (enough to hit objectives on the other side of the frontline), were set under revolving domes on the very top. Outside in the basements there were capacious water tanks that would guarantee water supply in case of long sieges. Nowadays the Fort is partly used as a museum of the Great War and is open to visitors, after being disarmed and cleaned up.  

Open from May to October

Cooperativa Soc. SOLARES, tel. +39 0342 910736


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