Fraele Towers


Valle di Fraele, Valdidentro (SO)

Fraele Towers
Historical and architectural information: Among fortification works in the Contea di Bormio area, the Towers of Fraele are the most striking and historically important ones. The ruins hanging over up to the present day are all that remains of the military outpost, the most advanced in Bormio’s defensive system. The two rectangular-shaped towers are commonly called “roman”, even if no document attests such origin. Of the two towers, the western one is the best kept: apart from the ground floor, it has a first floor with an arch at the entrance and three splayed loopholes, and a second floor with window loopholes; the two floors are divided by a wooden parquet. The eastern tower no longer has its southern side and the others are incomplete
Positioned 1941 metres high as a guard to the Scale pass (part of the route called Imperial German Way), the towers are the province’s highest altitude ones. Their sighting and signalling function is obvious; they are in fact in a dominant position towards the Bormio area.

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