Great War Museum


Passo Fedaia, Marmolada (BL)

Great War museum, inside


Historical and architectural information:  
Serauta Peak’s trenches and the Great War Museum in Marmolada are just two of the many attestations of the impact the Great War had in the Province of Belluno. In 1916-1917 this area witnessed bloody and bitter battles of Italians versus Austrians for control over the surrounding territory. In Seranta Peak’s rocks the Italians obtained a fort for 300 alpine soldiers, made up of communication trenches, galleries and shelters; on the other side, a few hundred metres beeline from the Austrians, they dug the City of Ice inside the mountain. Through the years, many war finds have come out, and it was decided to maintain continuity with such history, both painful and so important to hand down; the Great War Museum in Marmolada was thus created, 2950 metres high, just on the glacier’s side. Many heirlooms were sorted out; they tell the soldiers’ everyday story among the ices, their suffering but also their perseverance. This structure’s peculiarity is that it was created exactly on the premises of the War: from the Museum, in fact, one can easily catch sight of the fully repaired trenches and fortifications.


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