Mount Rite's Fort


Cibiana di Cadore (BL)

Mount Rite, Pelmo - Photo by Dino Colli



Historical and architectural information: Mount Rite’s Fort lies near Cibiana di Cadore and Forcella Cibiana.
It’s the most recently built defensive construction, especially in the Belluno and Cadorino area.
Before World War I, Mount Rite was very well known as a place for sheep grazing and for hunting, but also as an area rich in healing herbs. The building of the Fort dates back to the early 1900s, when it became necessary, for military and war reasons, to protect against enemy attacks from Cortina and Zoldano valleys. From here, it was in fact possible to control Boite Valley.
The Fort was damaged many times during both World Wars, but thanks to mountaineer Reinold Messner it was restructured and turned into a museum in 2002. Thanks to such operation it was possible to take it back to its former splendour, being a fortification work which still maintains its historical charme intact.

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