A name and a logo


All the Alpine regions have in common the fact that they once belonged to the Roman Empire. Via Alpina, « alpine way » in Latin, expresses in two universally understandable words the essence of the project: it is a trail and it represents the Alps.


Logo Via Alpina


For the logo we also opted for the obvious: three geometric shapes sketch the letters V and A which the walker will find painted or engraved on all the wooden, metal or composite material signposts in all shapes and forms from one end to the other of the Alpine Range.




The triangle is naturally a symbol of the mountain. The right hand stroke representing the Alpine Range: extending from South-West to East and wider in its Eastern part. The left stroke is the Via Alpina that hangs on to it. On the ground its colour changes according to the trail followed: Red, Purple, Yellow, Green or Blue.



Logo Via Alpina Red TrailLogo Via Alpina Purple TrailLogo Via Alpina Yellow TrailLogo Via Alpina Green TrailLogo Via Alpina Blue Trail