Fort of Bard



Verrès Bard (AO)

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The Fort of Bard


Historical and architectural information: The Fort of Bard has remained pretty much intact since the time it was built; it represents one of the best examples of early 1800s weir fortress. The stronghold is made up of three main blocks on different levels between 400 and 467 metres high: from the lowest, called Opera Ferdinando, to the middle one (Opera Vittorio), up to the highest block, Opera Carlo Alberto, 283 rooms in total.
The first floor in Opera Carlo Alberto houses the Museum of the Alps, a vanguard museum space reporting of a “lived” mountain, modified by man. It’s an account in space and in time where sounds, videos and screenings shape scenographies, reconstructions and multimedia games that accompany visitors through an exploration journey to be lived with all five senses to educate, amuse and plunge into alpine culture. All 29 rooms making up the exhibition tour are divided into four sections thought to lead visitors to discover the Alps, narrated by naturalists, geographers, anthropologists and meteorologists through short video interventions on each section’s theme, and involve the audience directly in the experience of narration.


Information for visits:

Tuesday to Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Closed on Mondays
From July 31st to September 2nd open every day, Monday included, up to 8 p.m.
Annual closure: from December 10th to 20th and December 25th
Museum of the Alps – full price: € 8,00 reduced price: € 6,00 Children: € 4,00 Schools 13-18 years of age: € 5,00 Schools 6-12 years of age: € 3,00
Temporary exhibition (April 4th 2007 to September 2nd 2007) "On top of the stars. The universe between archaeological art and science" – full price € 8,00 Reduced price € 6,00 Children € 4,00 Schools 13-18 years: € 5,00 Schools 6-12 years: € 3,00
Cumulative ticket museum of the Alps + temporary exhibition “On top of the stars” – full price: € 12,00 reduced price € 9,00 children € 6,00 Schools 13-18 years: € 8,00 Schools 6-12 years: € 5,00
GROUPS: reduced price ticket for at least 20 people, the 21st is free
FAMILIES: reduced price ticket for two adults with at least 2 children (max 18 years)