The Defensive Compound of Marta



Marta's Balcony - Municipalities of Pigna and Triora (IM)

The former military station of Marta’s Top


Historical and architectural information: The compound obtained under Marta’s Balcony is the largest one in the western Alpine Wall. It was built between 1931 and 1938 by different civilian enterprises who realized an overall gallery development about 1500 metres long. It was made up of the 605th cave battery, with four cannons aimed towards San Dalmazzo di Tenda and the Roya Valley, by centres of Resistence nr. 35 (three machine guns) and 35 bis (two machine guns), and by an observation post. It was guarded by 150 men. It’s also the area’s best preserved system of military works. In Marta’s barracks, a large volume of stone buildings built in 1897 behind the Italian side and unfortunately today in a very bad condition, the different open-air batteries’ cannons were kept, too; they were positioned on Mounts Pietravecchia, Ceriana, Nava’s Head and Marta’s Top.

Information for visits:
You can reach the compound of Marta’s Top in Summer and at the beginning of Autumn.