Nava's Entrenched Camp

Colle di Nava - Pornassio (IM)

Nava’s Richermo Fort


Historical and architectural information:
Between 1880 and 1888 Colle di Nava’s “entrenched camp” weir rose as a defence against French troops’ invasions from the sea; it’s made up of 5 forts and some support batteries:

1)     Central  Fort, “cut-out” type, in a polygonal-shaped layout deep stretching out into an “S”; it’s surrounded by a ditch on two levels (ground floor and first floor);

2)    Bellarasco Fort, located right on the hilltop, is laid down on the crest towards Valle Arroscia. It’s surrounded by a ditch on two levels, too, and still belongs to the Military Authority; 3)     Richermo Fort and Pozzanghi Fort, in a round layout, almost identical towers called “satellites” because they are set on the crests overlooking the Nava valley plain and Central Fort in a mirror image; 4)     Montescio Fort, farther from the others, half-way of the dorsal towards St. Bernardo of Mendatica, it’s private property;

5)   open-air protection batteries in M. Ariolo, S. Lorenzo, Poggio Forche and Poggio Pozzanghi.

Information for visits:
All forts may be visited on the outside only, except Forte Centrale, which can be visited inside in Summer with the following opening times:

-  in June and September on Saturdays and Sundays, in the morning;
-  in July and August, every day except Mondays 10 till 12 a.m. and 2 till 7 p.m.