Castel Firmiano


now "Messner Mountain Museum" 
Via Castel Firmiano, 53 - Bolzano

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Castel Firmiano

Historical and architectural information:

Located to the south-western Bolzano border, Castel Firmiano is considered as an emblem of the Alto Adige region. Its original name, Formigàr (from the Latin formicaria) comes from a historical fact that took place in 945 AD. It’s the oldest mention that’s reached us of a real Alto Adige castle. Ever since the beginning of Trento’s bishop princes fort tradition, it was bought by duke Sigmund the Wealthy, earl of Tyrol, in the second half of the 5th century; he then converted it into the biggest and most prestigious among his castles, and called it Sigmundskon (Sigmund’s crown).

Information for visits:

Free visit with a 20-minute introduction
Admission fares
Adults: 8,00 Euros Children 6–14 years, classes: 3,00 Euros
Students, upper schools, over-65s: 6,00 Euros Family ticket (2 adults + at least 2 children up to 14 years):18,00 Euros
Groups of 15 people: 6,00 Euro per person