Trails with a philosophy




Fiercely international…


The Via Alpina encompasses eight countries: France, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria and Slovenia. The route allows walkers to cross the borders more than 60 times!

…and with a strong Alpine identity!


Mainly situated between altitudes of 1.000 and 3.000 metres, the Via Alpina’s trails follow the topology of the massifs and their climatic features. They make up a network of alternative and complementary trails in order to ensure better visitor management.





Accessible to everyone…


The Via Alpina is generally accessible from the 1st of July to the 15th of September. However, depending on their altitude or exposure some sections may be crossed off-season. The trail is of moderate difficulty, avoiding climbing sections and glaciers. The paths are well sign-posted and marked at regular intervals with discreet information plaques with the Via Alpina logo. Furthermore several “gateway towns” make access even easier.



…for an in depth discovery of the Alps


The Via Alpina is always close to the most prestigious sites of cultural and natural interest to let you discover the Alpine heritage in all its shapes and forms and to allow you to meet local communities, their festivals, their traditions, their craft industries and their way of life.



Respectful of the environment…


The Via Alpina crosses 10 national parks, 17 nature parks and 22 nature reserves. Discovery opportunities and joint awareness campaigns are proposed to the local population and walkers and visitors alike. The existing trails and facilities are fully developed: no additional trails have been built and neither will there be any heavy infrastructure development.



… and attentive to the walkers every need


At the end of each daily stage the walker will find accommodation and catering facilities. At regular intervals he has access to the shops and services he needs. All along the trails, which are well served by public transport, local tourism professionals are invited to satisfy the walkers’ needs in a coherent and concerted way. 




A tool for local development…


Crossing 30 regions, cantons, länder and more than 200 municipalities, the Via Alpina is clearly a strong encouragement for local development, whether for tourism professionals or the many local communities involved. It is a real international showcase for the Alpine regions its aim being to ensure new business for guides, mountain leaders and accommodation providers. Finally, it is also a place for mountain professionals to exchange experiences so as to stimulate the improvement of the quality of all that is on offer to the walkers.



… a connecting link to the Alpine territory


The Via Alpina is a physical link between the regions. Thanks to a large number of intersections with other Alpine trails it offers a multitude of access points to discover other areas beyond the five official trails. Its ability to appeal to a wider public made up of families and senior citizens as well as experienced long-distance walkers makes it an exceptional starting point from which to explore the border crossing Alpine reality in all its diversity.