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The data download tools are up and running!

We are pleased to finally be able to introduce you to the long awaited tools for downloading data from the Via Alpina website: in the Trails section (and in the margin of each stage sheet) you now have access to a form which allows you to create your own personal guidebook by selecting the chosen stages and the level of detail that you require.

There is now also a function on each stage sheet through which you can download GPS coordinates. These tracks correspond to those on the maps on the site and are more or less precise depending on the data available (collected from maps of varying scales or on the ground). They will be updated as better data becomes available by the people in charge in each different region. We have already improved the altitude/distance profiles and calculation of elevation differences which now take into account the altitudes of all the points of the track.

Also some novelties regarding the contents: the Questions / Answers section now contains a vast amount of general information which is useful for organising your hike and each stage sheet includes a detailed description of the route as well as an introduction to the natural and cultural heritage of the region. The section Over to the Via Alpinists – those who are back has also been improved with the addition of several new travel diaries.

A wide and ever more complete selection of tools to help you prepare your hikes for next summer!!