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A series of departures

That’s it, after Michel Dimitrieff – unfortunately temporarily stopped in his progress by a wounded wrist and knie – the other Via Alpinists of the year 2009 are on their way! First Nathalie Sarlat, then Valerio Sani and Milena Dalla Piazza, Pascal Rastoul and Pauline Cassan, Brandon and Cheryl Wilson and Manfredi Salemme have started their crossings of the Alps within the past two weeks. Jean-Luc Millereau and Bernard Chouet will join them – running! – next week.

Valerio Sani & Milena Dalla Piazza at their start in Monaco (Avventura Alpina)Follow their progress on their respective websites (links in our chapter “Over to the Via Alpinists – those who are setting off”) and let’s wish them good luck, clement weather and great encounters, as well as to the many anonymous walkers who will also hike on our trails this summer. For some more daydreaming, do read the text from Gisèle Lafond which we just published in the “Those who are back” section.