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VIA ALPINA - Beyond the Trail

We are happy to announce the premiere of the VIA ALPINA - Beyond the Trail  documentary film at the cinema Le Club in Grenoble on  19th of October at 8pm.  

The projection will be followed by a discussion with the director Matthieu Chambaud and some of the protagonists who appear in the documentary film. 


An adventure, an investigation, a quest ?
Matthieu, mountain leader, continues his trekking experience with the Via Alpina, an 8 countries-crossing of the Alps from Trieste to Monaco.
One thing in mind : What influence does hiking in the mountains have on us ?
Between Matthieu’s personal journey and the testimonials of hikers met on the way, a whole new world is unveiled.
Far from being just an outdoor activity in a dream-like scenery, trekking becomes an awareness tool driving us to rethink our way of living.