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“Digital Mountains”: a journey by public transport and on foot to meet with people and places

From today 15 June and for approximately 2 months, Gian Luca Gasca, a young Italian from the Piemonte region, is taking a break from his work in scientific divulgation to travel the Italian, Slovene, Swiss and French Alps. He will publish a lively blog with his impressions and interviews with many people along the way and share reflexions on how to live and travel sustainably in the Alps today.

Gian Luca Gasca“I will cross more than 100 towns, of which 4 Alpine Pearls and 7 designated Alpine Towns of the Year. I will have the opportunity to visit zones deeply marked by the fights of World War I, 100 years after Italy entered the war, but also areas of strong naturalistic and cultural importance, especially 6 nature parks.

“What will you talk about during the journey” is a question often put to me, and the answer isn’t always easy to grasp. “I will talk a bit of everything”, I answer. I will try to relate the Alps as a whole: I will write about culture, traditions and History, but also about mountaineering and the environment. I will talk about it on the basis of my experience and the one of the people I’ll meet on the way. Most of all, I will talk about sustainable mobility, the core of this project. Because the mountain can be experienced in a conscious way, and it is right that it should be so.”

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