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Alpine Line

Two young alpinists, a 5-month adventure from Corsica to Slovenia and 1500km in soft mobility.

Yann Borgnet et Yoann Joly (France) are starting today, 11 February, on a journey in stark contrast to the fashionable remote expeditions. Travelling between the massifs by hiking, ski mountaineering, biking but also paragliding, sailing, kayaking and dog sledding, they intend to climb 25 major summits between the Monte Cinto and Triglav.

Creativity, discovery and exchange are at the heart of their project. They are inviting any interested person to join them for part of the journey, and will organise gatherings along the way to debate the value and vulnerability of the mountain environment. The association MountainWilderness International is a guarantor of the project and the Via Alpina is also supporting them!,



   Alpine Line: Yann Borgnet & Yoann Joly




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