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„Hannibalism“ exhibition in the Maira valley!

From 9 August to 6 September 2014, artist and Via Alpina Travel Fellow Thomas Falk displays in Albaretto di Macra in the Piedmontese Alps the best photographs of his travels with the cute red elephant!

Poster HannibalismThe movie about their crossing of last summer, full of emotions, will also be shown. Colour drawings and paintings on wood by Manuela Rose (also from Bremen in Germany) will tell stories from all over the world and about journeys in the Piedmontese Alps.

A great occasion to come to the Maira valley and hike in this region, where no one can remain untouched by both the melancholy of abandoned villages, witnesses of the rural exodus, and the passion with which hut keepers and others act to breathe new life into the valley. Stages D49-D52 of the Via Alpina Blue Trail and R135-R136 on the Red Trail invite to the discovery.

To visit the exhibition, please contact Paolo Testa, manager of the Posto Tappa Palent hut, mob. +39 340 8237898, e-Mail Inauguration in presence of the artists on Saturday 9 August, 8pm.