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Three of the Travel Fellowships videos for 2013 are online !

The four projects awarded a fellowship for 2013 were carried out as planned. Read the conclusions of these adventures and admire the first videos!

The Versailles-De Schutter family took the film of their Alpine crossing out of the backpacks, putting the dream at footreach from almost 400 inhabitants and hikers, on 11 passing places along a hike through the Western Alps:

Andreas Aschaber and Michaela Rizzolli set up the first Via Alpina Geocache Trail: get your GPS to follow their track, from Monaco to Castérino across the contrasted landscapes of the Marittime Alps, border jumping between France and Italy:

Vincent Neeb and Katharina Boie, the “Youth” laureates, hiked at the beginning and the end of the summer from Slovenia to the Dolomites. Their video evidences the astounding cultural and natural diversity encountered on this section of the southern Eastern Alps:

You will find more information on the results of each project on the corresponding pages of the section Travel Fellowships – Laureates 2013. Also a very beautiful account by Thomas Falk, who brought his inflatable elephant to a safe harbour, and shares with us a selection of his superb and unusual photographs, in advance of the video to be released in a few weeks.