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The hikers’ daydreams

Between 2007 and 2011, Alain Grinda, writer and storyteller from the French Maritime Alps, linked Trieste and Monaco in ten solitary walks along the Red and Green Via Alpina trails. His travel accounts have now been published.

“After completing the Via Alpina, instead of inflicting on you the complete account of the journey I wanted to invite you to share it with me, by reviving some special moments, anecdotes, chance encounters, emotions, unexpected adventures, unpretentious meditations – daydreams if you prefer.” The first step, The favourite path, What did the shepherd tell me?, To sleep on the total some twenty “Hiker’s daydreams” to savour. The stories are complemented by technical descriptions of each stage, including information on the accommodation.

“Les rêveries du randonneur”, by Alain Grinda, published by Editions de Bergier (2013). In French, 291 p., 14 x 21 cm, 20 €. To be ordered from the author: Alain Grinda, Lou Gimbert, F-06450 Belvédère, alaingrinda(at)