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600 km – 5 days – 3 countries

For the 7th time, the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention organises a crossing of the Alps by sustainable mobility. The topic of SuperAlp!7: “Borders, ancient routes, historical populations and new inhabitants”. From 5 to 9 July, from Lausanne to Domodossola.

The participants are 13 journalists from all over the world. They will travel by train, bus, ferry, e-bike, mountain bike – and of course on foot. Most of their hikes will follow the Via Alpina: in the regional nature park Mont Avic in the Aosta valley (D22), on the Swiss side of the Great St. Bernard pass (R116) and again on the Swiss-Italian border for the descent into the Formazza valley (R93).

The Via Alpina-Italy national secretariat will escort the group on the hike from the Great St. Bernard pass.

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