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News from the Via Alpinists of 2013

The laureates of our “Youth” travel fellowship, Vincent and Katharina, spent at the end of May a first week rich in impressions in the Julian and Carnic Alps. Their first observations on the region crossed can be read on their blog,, which they update as and when their school obligations leave them time. A further appointment at the end of the summer for the second part in the Dolomites.

Andreas Aschaber and Michaela Rizzolli will leave on 6 July to set up the geocache trail along the first 14 stages of the Red Trail, starting from Monaco. Their arrival in Castérino is scheduled two weeks later, and then it’s your turn to play!

Thomas Falk, his red plastic elephant and his dachshund will leave mid-July for the first part of their “Hannibalism”, from Martigny to Susa in three weeks:

And finally the last laureates, the family De Schutter-Versailles, will shoulder their cinema in their backpack in August. Until you may try and encounter them, enjoy the trailer:

The website:

The Via Alpina also supports initiatives by several other hikers: Lisa and Beverley Nel, from Johannesburg in South Africa, have just concluded (will soon conclude) their hike on the Green Trail, along which they relayed (are relaying), always with a smile, the message of the “Rhinos in Hand” action for the conservation of the rhinoceros:

For Thierry, aka Las Plumas, the end is still far: he started in early June from Monaco and won’t reach Trieste until several months. He seeks encounters with the inhabitants of the mountain areas crossed and treats us daily with stories and wonderful pictures – a video film will follow upon his return:

For Manuel Hefti unfortunately the journey was cut short by an injury. But this is only a temporary stop. Splendid images, stories and numerous podcasts document his first month of hiking, between the Zurich hills and the Dolomites:

Martine Keller though, who also had an accident just before Trieste last summer, is now taking to the Purple Trail:! And Jean-Louis Giraud, after the Red Trail in 2011 and 2012, now starts on the Yellow one:

More links in our section Over to the Via Alpinists – those who are setting off and on Facebook!