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Participate in the arrival celebration of FFME’s relay crossing!

Saint Martin Vésubie (Maritime Alps, France), Saturday 27 August from 14h (in the Auditorium): On the occasion of the conclusion of the caravan which left Slovenia in early June, you are invited to come and admire in pre-release the images of this incredible crossing through 7 countries.

The association Grande Traversée des Alpes (Via Alpina-France secretariat) will project several films on Via Alpina during the afternoon: those realised by the teams of the French Mountain and Climbing Federation during their hikes and climbs in the different massifs, but also the movie on the integral crossing of the Red Trail by Vincent Tornay “Les Alpes d’une mer à l’autre (The Alps from one coast to the other)”. Open to all, free entry. Médiathèque valléenne, 52 boulevard Lazare Ralberti, F-06450 Saint Martin Vésubie,

During the whole week-end the FFME organises in St Martin Vésubie a special programme for all its interested members: welcome of the hikers of the last stage, sports activities (technical hikes, canyoning, climbing, via ferrata, big walls...) with or without supervision, discussions-review of the trip, tribute to mountaineer Patrick Berhault (projection of the film by Gilles Chappaz and presentation of the book by Michel Bricola, testimonials). Registration until 31 July (reserved to FFME licence holders).