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Departure today for two more Via Alpinists!

Monday, 27th June, at the Simplon pass and in Monaco, is the big day for two women, embarking on a several-year crossing of the Alps. The Via Alpina officially supports their projects.

Martine Keller (from Eckwersheim, France) is already well into the discovery of landscapes and cultures which she plans to carry out over four years: in 2009 she hiked the Red Trail from Monacoto Sospel then moved on to the Blue Trail up to Larche. In 2010 she went on to the Simplon pass. She is currently publishing the travel account of this second part, rich in metaphors and emotions, and her pictures, on (in French), one stage a week. This year she starts again from the Simplon pass towards Riale and then to Oberstdorf along the Red and Green Trails.

Michele Straube (Salt Lake City, USA) and her husband are going to walk the whole of Via Alpina in stages during the summers 2011 to 2014. Their objective is to communicate on atrial fibrillation, a disturbance of the cardiac rhythm for which Michele has been successfully operated in 2009: (in English). This summer they are hiking from Monaco to Modane.