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A new look for the French “Grande Traversée des Alpes”

The “Grande Traversée des Alpes” was, in the seventies, the first initiative for the tourism organisation of a hiking trail, developed by the namesake association along the route of the GR®5 in the French Alps (from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean).

The Via Alpina is (despite its length) her little sister, initiated by the same association in partnership with the other seven Alpine countries and with a focus on cultural and trans-border discovery. Between her stretches in Switzerland and Italy, Via Alpina indeed very often follows the route of the Grande Traversée des Alpes / GR®5.

This summer, thanks to a collaboration between the GTA association, the French hiking federation (FFRP) and the French federation of alpine and mountain clubs (FFCAM), the mythical Grande Traversée des Alpes trail is undergoing a major revamp: an audit of the trail, a dedicated webspace with online guidebook, a special report in Montagnes Magazine periodical (no. 367S / June 2011) and three days of conviviality and hiking from 1 to 3 July in six different mountain huts.

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