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Via Alpinists 2011: starting soon!

Thanks to this summery spring, the little snow quantities which fell this winter over the Alps are melting away quickly. The start of the first Via Alpinists is coming nearer. Romain Liagre will be the first Via Alpina Fellow to start, on 16 June from the Palace Square in Monaco.

The Talander School’s blog is already live (address and new entry “Who are we?” here); the participants of the FFME relay met for the first time and the project obtained the label “Sustainable development, sports get involved” from the French national Sports and Olympic Committee CNOSF.

Martine, Paulina, Ursula, Annie and Michele (well done ladies!) will also set up on hikes with a special topic at heart, and with our official support. Read about their projects and other individual hikes on the page Over to the Via Alpinists – those who are setting off. It will be regularly updated over the next months.