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Via Alpina 2010: the movie!

Between 16 and 26 June 2010 a group of people suffering from psychic illnesses walked Via Alpina between Oberstdorf and Bolzano, with the aim to consolidate their personality through an experience of long-distance hiking. They were escorted by Thomas Riedmann, qualified experience pedagogue, and filmmaker Thomas Rickenmann who filmed their adventure. The film trailer is now available (in Swiss German!).

Simon, Kevin, Marc and Ernst, aged between 22 and 62 and most of them new to hiking, walked from Constance to Bolzano, approximately following the Via Alpina Yellow Trail from Oberstdorf. In complement to hiking, they also visited various museums and exhibitions on the Alpine space and used public transports as needed.

Through the physical challenge, groups dynamics, nature experience and the numerous encounters – sometimes made easier by the bad weather which granted more time to hut keepers or farmers!-, the participants were able to live a unique, very strong experience. Concentrating on essential actions and needs supported them in their search for answers to personal questions, and the success (of each step and the whole crossing) significantly boosted their self-confidence. Knowing that they were on their way on an international trail, and had been granted the official recognition of Via Alpina, sealed by a partnership agreement, gave the hikers a non-negligible pride.

Upon completion the film will be shown to the public. A new hike is planned for the summer 2011. For more information see (in German).