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SUPERALP4: Alpine Convention press tour also on Via Alpina

The Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention organises from 4 to 12 September 2010 the fourth edition of SuperAlp! A group of journalists belonging to world’s top publications crosses the Alps for nine days using a combination of sustainable transportation means.

The group will travel more than 1700 km between Monaco, France, Italy, Austria, Germany and Slovenia by train, bicycle, bus and also on foot. The walking parts follow Via Alpina, on the first stage of the Red Trail from Monaco to Peillon (R161, 4 September) and two stages of the Blue Trail around the Mount Viso (D47-D45, 6 and 7 September). On 10 September they will come again to Via Alpina in Berchtesgaden, but this time by bus.

Through meetings with local people and organisations and the resulting press articles, SuperAlp! aims at promoting sustainable mobility in the Alps as well as communicating on the Alpine Convention and its protocols. The theme of the 2010 edition is the gastronomy.

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