Gran Tour of Southern Cozie Alps by MTB


(cod. 24CI07)


Valle Varaita - Valle Maira - Ubaye - Valle Stura LENGTH:
6 days / 5 nights PROGRAMME:
Six days between the Varaita, Maira, Ubaye, Stura valleys for a cross-the border trek in striking and very varied environments, nearly always over 2000 metres high For trained and experienced bikers. 1st day: The road of cannons Sanctuaries of Valmala (m 1379) - colle Sampeyre - colle Bicocca- Church of Bellino- Melezé Refuge (m 1812) Panoramic leg, mostly on the mule track running across the beautiful watershed between val Varaita and val Maira and descent toward the hamlets of Bellino with their typical sundials.
Height difference +: 1000 m; Height difference -: 500 m
Upon request, arrival of participants the eve before, introduction to the guide and about the tour, welcome dinner. Overnight stay in refuge. 2nd day: Melezè Refuge (m 1812) - la Colletta (m 2830) - Traversiera valley - Chiappera- Campo Base Refuge (m 1661) In this leg you’ll touch the highest pass in the Cozie Alps reachable by mountain bike, m 2830, near Carmagnola Refuge. Nice and long descent on a mule track in Travesiera valley and lovely view of the Rocca Provenzale-Castello range, near Chiappera.
Height difference.+: 1000 m; Height difference -: 1140 m 3rd day: Chiappera - Campo Base refuge (m 1661) - colle Maurin pass (m 2637) - Maljasset refuge (m1903) We go up Maurin valley, passing near beautiful mountain hamlets, to reach the pass bearing the same name, where we’ll cross the border to the French side, to go down to the vallon de Mary, near the lakes of Rjoure and Marinet and the glacier of Aguille du Chambeyron (m 3409).
Height difference +: 1000 m; Height difference .-: 740 m 4th day: Maljasset Refuge (m 1903) - pont du Chatelet - Fouillouze - col de Mirandol (m 2433) - St. Ours (m 1776) We go down for a stretch on tarmac in the high valley of Ubaye, to deviate towards Fouillouze, surpassing the incredible bridge pont du Chatelet, suspended upon a very deep canyon and we reach the small village of St. Ours in the valley of Ubayette.
Height difference.+: m 800 ; Height difference.-: m 1000 5th day: St. Ours (m 1776) – pass Roburent (m 2496) – lakes Roburent - Gardetta refuge (m 2330). We go back to Italy by overcoming the Roburent Pass after a nice grassy plateau and the lakes Roburent, we reach the plateau of Gardetta, Italian geological heritage. 6th day: Gardetta Refuge (m 2330) - Pontebernerdo - Pietraporzio (1246) - Piz valley - Scolettas pass - Talarico refuge- Pietraporzio. After a sometimes technical slope in Gardetta, we make a loop on the orographic right of river Stura, with a view onto the various peaks over 3000 metres high, in Maritime Alps already.
Height difference. +: m 1000; Height difference.-: m 2000 MIN/MAX NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS FORESEEN:
minimum 8 people PRICE:
from € 525,00 - discounts for CAI associates – ALTERNATIVE POSSIBILITY OF A 4-DAY TOUR (upon request) The fee includes:
5 overnight stays in refuge, breakfast and dinner included for the whole length of the journey, welcome and goodbye dinner, nature-mountain bike guide for the whole length of the journey, luggage transport wherever possible (4 legs), transfer to the place of departure. The fee doesn’t include:
transport to the place of departure, packed lunch (upon request), extras and whatever isn’t specified in "The fee includes". PERIOD OF AVAILABILITY OF THE OFFER:
TEL. 0172/717574
FAX: 0172/725190